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“The ATF’s Special Operation Fast and Furious sold 2,500 guns in Arizona to straw purchasers under the assumption that those guns would end up in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. We’re talking about a potential impeachable offense, one worse than Watergate.”

“It’s very rare I know what I’m gonna lead the program with. I have all this stuff in front of me and whatever neuron impulse hits first is what happens.”

“I still get jazzed out of being right, particularly when I’m right light years ahead of everybody else.”

“We do not have the money to continue the spending Obama and the Democrats want. Raising the debt limit will not give us the money. We don’t have the money and we haven’t had the money for a long time.”

“Spending cuts never happened. They never do. Obama’s promising the same thing. These are right out of the old Democrat playbook.”

“Republicans need to stop talking about revenue and loopholes and all this. The focus must be on this out-of-control spending.”

“Obama is banking on the hope that people are too stupid to distinguish the difference between debt and deficits.”

“Obama is in as full a political retreat as this town has seen in years. Nothing he’s doing is working. You can’t point to anything and say we need to keep doing more of this, so why are we even talking about doing more of it?”

“Obama’s proposed Social Security and Medicare cuts are all for show. He knows the Republicans aren’t gonna go along with tax increases.”

“‘Men with wide faces are more likely to lie and cheat than narrow faced men, but they seem to make better businessmen,’ according to the UK independent. I know, I have a wide face. I’m an excellent test subject here.”

“The problem that Obama has is that he spends and wants to spend over $300 billion a month, which is a spending problem, my friends, it’s not a debt servicing problem.”

“The best way to convince anybody of anything is to believe in it yourself, and to be able to explain it and be passionate about it.”

“Obama is trying to confuse the public that every dollar the government spends is the same as every other dollar. He wants you to think there’s no difference between paying the bondholders, servicing the debt, and paying, say, investments in these absurd green jobs initiatives that he wants to slide to his pals over at GE.”

“This is not a budget negotiation. This is the thing. Obama wants to pretend, and he wants a big deal now, $4 trillion in cuts over 12 years. Isn’t that a joke?”

“You know, a lot of these old leather faces in the Democrat Party that signed Obamacare say, ‘I don’t care. I’m gonna be dead by the time this thing gets fully implemented, doesn’t matter to me.'”

“The Democratic party has come to define itself as the party of entitlements. The New Deal. The Great Society. Obamacare. Nothing gets the Democratic heart beating quite like ensnaring the entire American middle class in entitlement dependence.”

“Even Brit Hume said that it’s been a long time since a president was this weak, this powerless, this imperiled in Washington, DC. You know it and I know it. If the election were held tomorrow, this guy goes down in flames in a major, huge landslide.”

“Obama’s got this favorite term, ‘We need to expand the pie.’ The problem is he doesn’t know how to do it, or he doesn’t mean it when he says we need to expand the pie.”

“Confidence will make you a leader. Confidence will make you persuasive, and confidence will create admiration for you. It will also make people jealous of you, by the way. It creates all kinds of reactions in people.”

“For Democrats, victory means forcing Republicans to accept a budget framework that leaves today’s entitlement superstructure — and most especially centralized government management of American health care — exactly as it is today.”

“Most people I have found don’t start thinking for themselves until they’re 40, about anything, and oftentimes by then it’s too late.”

“Obama said during his Twitter town hall yesterday that the GOP was holding a gun to the head of the country. I mean these people on the left are using this incendiary, murderous type lingo. And of course you ask, ‘Where is the civility?'”

“It’s one of those days. It was Dawn’s turn yesterday, mine today.”

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