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RUSH: Well, I really don’t know if it’s on purpose. I really don’t know if it’s on purpose or we just elected the biggest accident in the history of mankind, but whatever, Barack Obama is having lots of success destroying things. How about the jobs numbers? How about this pathetic press conference today, this pathetic positioning that they’re trying to convince everybody on this debt ceiling. I mean champagne corks must have been popping in the White House. You got the last shuttle mission, we shut that down. So the Russians now have the only human access to space. Can you believe that? Yeah. We have to believe it, folks, ’cause it’s el truebo.


RUSH: The Iranians are sending monkeys up, so soon we’ll be able to hitch a ride with the Iranians. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe on one of their ICBMs. At any rate, when you call 800-282-2882, you can talk about whatever you want. Big, big day in media always, Open Line Friday here at the EIB Network. Telephone number, 800-282-2882.

Folks, I’ve got a special attachment to the space program, the shuttle program just as a citizen. I’ve met so many people in it.


But I found this quite by accident. I found an app for my iPhone on the final shuttle launch called Go Atlantis and somehow, playing around with that app, I don’t know how, I ended up at the NASA.gov website. Now, the NASA.gov website tracking the shuttle pointed me to a program that somebody wrote, it’s an animation, a near 3D animation of the shuttle from launch to landing via Google Earth. Now, I’m gonna swipe here, for those of you watching on the Dittocam, that’s it, that’s as close as I can get to it. Let me get out of the way a bit just for a second. That’s it, and it changes and tracks, it changes elevation, it changes view. I’ve got it on auto fly right now, but you can change the perspective manually if you want to. But it has been fascinating to watch this ever since the launch, even before the launch.

The animation is excellent. It’s life like. As I say, it’s not 3D, but it’s close to it. Shuttle is now over Indian Ocean. It was over Paris in 20 minutes. I’m thinking, “Man, wouldn’t that be cool, be able to get to Paris in 20 minutes, four guys have just done it.” Problem is they’re not landing. So you go to the NASA.gov site, find the shuttle. The link is way too long here for me to read to you. I’ll copy the link and send it up to Koko Jr, put it on our website. You have to download the app that is used with Google Earth to follow this, but it’s pretty simple to do.


RUSH: The shuttle, by the way, now approaching New Zealand, just south of New Zealand between New Zealand and Antarctica. Yeah, I’m watching it on my fun little Google Earth app here. It’s the animation of the entire shuttle flight, including the launch. It was a cool.


RUSH: The space shuttle just flew over Joplin 30 seconds ago. It’s now just west of St. Louis. Looks like it’s gonna fly right over Springfield, Illinois.


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