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RUSH: My brother has his kids in the nation’s capital. David took his family to Washington to show them the sites there. My parents took David and me to DC when we were about the age a lot of his kids are. They’re 18 down to five or six now. We put some Two If By Tea posters at bus stops, you know, where they have the kiosks, the shelters you sit in if it’s raining. I’m getting people in downtown DC — we bought it there on purpose — they’re seeing these Two If By Tea, the raspberry red with me as Rush Revere, we’ve got ’em all over town. Yeah, we got a billboard on the 405 out in Southern California. Oh, yeah, they’re just going up.

They went up two weeks after we launched, and David sent me a picture last night of the kids standing in front of one of these things in downtown Washington. Yeah, it is. It’s cool. Uncle Rush Revere there, the red raspberry. (interruption) Who? The homeless guy? Oh, put a post on the sleeping grate? Ha-ha-ha. Yeah, right. Put a poster on the sleeping grate. We’ve got ’em all over. We’ve got one in Cleveland. We’ve got billboards I think in like 15 or 16 states. We’ve got these bus shelters in Washington and getting people are seeing these things and taking pictures.


RUSH: Okay, I found the picture that David sent. I just sent the picture up to Koko Junior, whose actual name is Dean. It’s a picture of my five nephews and nieces in front of the Two If By Tea Rush Revere raspberry poster. It’s in front of the Smithsonian. That’s where this bus shelter is. Very, very, very, very nice placement, absolutely right. Now, you don’t see the Smithsonian in the picture, ’cause the bus shelter is right there on the street, but that’s where he told me they were.


RUSH: I got an e-mail. Kathryn just forwarded this to me, in fact, from the customer service wing at TwoIfByTea.com.

Dear whoever,

This isn’t really a question. I’m not really sure where exactly to leave comments. I just wanted you to know that you’ve done something nobody else could. I actually loathe iced tea. I mean loathe it, not just dislike it. I ordered a case of your diet raspberry Two If By Tea when I first heard about it ’cause the purchase was for a good cause. [That’s our sponsor, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.] I figured that I’d give the tea away to my sisters when I saw them. Not only did I drink the first case myself, I just ordered three more cases. This tea is awesome, the diet raspberry.

It is. I got a bottle right here. Chug it. I’m thinking, if this tea is that powerful, I mean somebody that loathes tea ends up loving it with ours, imagine what a case or a number of cases if sent to the Republican leadership would do. Maybe we can have: “Two If By Tea, you’ll never cave.” The anti-cave product, the anti-cave, Two If By Tea. I’ll think about it. You never know.


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