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AP reports that House Republicans are “siding with food companies.” They’re resisting the Obama Regime’s attempts to pressure the food industry to stop advertising foods they disapprove of: namely, junk food.

The food industry is pushing back against “guidelines” the Regime proposed – which would “shield” children from ads for foods with too much sugar or fat. The only child-targeted ads acceptable to the Regime would be for foods containing specific healthy ingredients – and with low fat, sugar, and sodium content. Despite the “voluntary” guidelines, the food industry is justifiably worried, given the track record of the federal government. What’s “voluntary” today – is mandatory tomorrow.

House Republicans point out this ban could even apply to bottled water, which would be nutrient-deficient under the new standards. They want to delay the guidelines, requiring the Federal Trade Commission to first study how much this “voluntary” ban would cost, and what the impact would be. That’s a good start; but it’s not enough.

The very idea that Obama or – let’s just call it like it is – Michelle Obama would try to impose her vision of healthy food on the food industry and American society is appalling. Though AP claims Republicans are “siding with food companies,” they’re really siding with “freedom.” And “personal responsibility.”

Mrs. Obama, your husband sneaks out of the White House for fat-laden, greasy junk food every chance he gets. Why not manage his diet, and leave the food industry – and the rest of us – alone!

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