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RUSH: All right, Casey Anthony, it was funny today, there was outrage and panic when the original sentence was thought to be a year because, again, every media expert said she’s gonna walk out of there today and she thought she was, too. She had the new hairdo and covered up those ears. She’s got Obama ears, Dumbo ears. She covered up the ears with the flowing locks and then the judge announced what he announced, “Oh, my God.” They went to all the experts, “What does this mean?” “Well, jeez, she could be in there ’til 2012,” and then the Fox expert said, “No, February. We’ve run the numbers on this, gonna be out in February.” “That’s not right, she should be out today, time served,” blah, blah, blah. The judge obviously had read Ann Coulter’s column.

Ann Coulter had a great column about this yesterday. While the cops were chasing down all the lies that this woman told, other crimes are not being pursued and other criminals were not being pursued. How much money did this woman cost the taxpayers of Orlando to send the cops out on a bunch of lies? And the judge pretty much said that. I thought the judge read Ann Coulter’s column yesterday. The judge said, factoring in all the costs here, that he’s gonna fine her some money, turned out to be $4,000. The short version of this is she gets out in a week, six days, July 13th. But again, all these experts had her walking out today. So I’m sure this story will continue now because the media was snookered. They will continue with a 24-hour cycle of analysis on why and how she has to spend another six days in jail, and all the experts who were wrong in the first place will come back and tell us why this is the case now.


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