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RUSH: I swear every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth I think he’s running against me. Well, ethanol, global warming. He’s the guy that can work with Democrats. I think it was Romney who said that.


RUSH: Romney’s out there praising unions now in New Hampshire. That’s what it was. That’s the latest thing, Romney’s out there praising unions. Yeah. Yeah. I sent a note to my brother, I said, “David, I think this guy’s running against us.”

Yeah, Snerdley, I know, I’m trying to figure out what it is that these — and Romney is raking in money. He’s in London today raising money. He’s dwarfing everybody in fundraising. I mean it’s not even close. And out there to the side you have Rick Perry still toying with the idea of getting involved. It’s not a fait accompli, whoever the nominee is going to be by any stretch of the imagination.


RUSH: Here’s Romney, by the way. I want you to hear this. This is yesterday in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. I referred to this remark that Romney made in the previous hour of the program.

ROMNEY: Unions have played a very important role historically in balancing, in some cases, the egregious actions of some employers and — and have been important to the development of our economy. And there are some unions that continue to — to train their workers effectively, their union members effectively.

RUSH: This is salient. This is the leading Republican presidential nominee seemingly every day adopting a policy from the Democrat Party or espousing a belief that is designed to siphon votes from the Democrats. “Hey, hey, I’m not one of these Neanderthal Republican conservatives; I like unions, I like you people.” So it’s clear to me that Romney is running against the Tea Party. I don’t know any other Republican saying this. If a couple others join him here, I won’t be surprised, given who they are, but I’m not gonna predict it. I’ll wait for it to happen.


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