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RUSH: RUSH: I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on this, but I gotta tell you, I had a ball last night watching the media go nuts over this verdict. I just had a ball. They were literally going insane. They were beside themselves. They couldn’t understand it. They had all predicted the gallows for this babe, and now this babe has really upset ’em ’cause this babe says the first thing she wants to do when she gets out of jail is have a baby. They’re just beside themselves. (interruption) No, no, I’m not kidding. Oh, no, no. I’m not kidding at all. She has sent letters to friends saying that when she gets out she wants to have a baby. Maybe it’s a small personal failing, we all have them, even I, but I must tell you I’ve enjoyed watching these people in the media just go bananas because they’ve been wrong. I got a slogan. In Florida tourism is down, number of problems, the economy and so forth. I got the perfect slogan. I’d like to throw it out there for ’em. In fact, it could be a new bumper sticker campaign. “If You Can’t Do the Time, Do the Crime — in Florida.” Can you imagine that bumper sticker? (laughing) “If You Can’t Do the Time, Do the Crime — in Florida.”

How are you today, folks? Wonderful to have you with us. Some of the hosts of the cable news shows are really taking this verdict hard. They’re taking it personally, their personal credibility was on the line. They all had her convicted, and they’re all trying to say, “Well, it’s a sign of how the system works.” There’s a great piece today, Erick Erickson has a blog called Red State, and I don’t remember who posted it, but there is a great piece. I sent it to Kathryn ’cause Kathryn and I have been talking about this. Kathryn has been absorbed, does not even know it. But this blog post is awesome. This does not say one damn good thing about our system. This is an example of how culture and our society falling apart. Here you’ve got a dysfunctional, insane lunatic family lying through their teeth and this woman gets off and everybody’s saying, “Well, the justice system worked, justice system may have worked, but our culture is rotting,” is this guy’s point. It’s pretty good. I’ll have it printed out here. I may share excerpts.

But back to the hosts. Some of the hosts of the cable news shows, you know, what I don’t understand about it is they’re all card-carrying liberals. When does the death of a child bother them? I’ve never seen them get so upset over the death of a child. If the child had died, what, two years earlier in the womb, this woman would be a star, she’d be a hero, and, folks, I don’t think that’s cliche to say. And I don’t think it’s a cheap attempt at humor. I think that while it may be uncomfortable to hear, one of the reasons it’s uncomfortable to hear is that there is an element of truth in it. You people in the media, if you really, really think she’s guilty and you want to feel better about this, just tell yourselves that she just waited a couple years to get an abortion and you’ll feel better. You’re feeling uncomfortable, right?

Even Snerdley winced a little bit at that. Why did you wince, Snerdley? It’s brutal to hear. Exactly right. It’s brutal to hear. So is abortion. Abortion is brutal, never characterized that way. And the reason it’s brutal is because there’s an element of truth in it. I just wanted to put it out there. Pure and simple, nothing more, plus my bumper sticker idea. “If You Can’t Do the Time, Do the Crime — in Florida.” As Geraldo so eloquently said yesterday, we got rid of the grotesque Old Sparky, the electric chair that they used to use in Florida. Now it’s just lethal injection.


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