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RUSH: We all know about the Algore effect. The Algore effect is hilarious. And now we have a troubling trend out there, ladies and gentlemen, that indicates that there is an Obama effect. Now, the Algore effect is the documented weather pattern that brings record cold temperatures and snowfall to an area where Algore goes to discuss global warming. It never fails. Algore will go someplace to discuss global warming, and they’ll have a record snowfall, or they will have unseasonably cold temperatures. And of course it never occurs to the Drive-By Media to comment on this. It’s left to those of us in Realville — and I, of course, am the mayor of Realville — to comment on it and laugh about it. But now is there a documented pattern of the Obama effect?

We had an item from Industry Week that I mentioned last Friday before the long holiday weekend about another bankrupt company, Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of screws and bolts for wind turbines, i.e, green energy. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last Thursday. Now, as you recall, Obama visited this outfit, which is in Bedford Heights near Cleveland in January 2009 before his immaculation, and he pointed to Cardinal Fastener & Specialty as the future, green energy. These are the guys that are gonna be manufacturing the things that are gonna hire people to work there, creating all the green jobs. This steadfast devotion here to the marvels of green energy is — who was it that said this? I was doing show prep and somebody said that what we really have here is the influence of Harvard in this administration, the faculty lounge. This is the kind of idiocy that comes out of there.

They get these belief systems into their heads, green energy equals the future. What is green energy? Green energy is energy that doesn’t pollute, doesn’t make a mess, and it renews, and it’s basically magic. Well, of course there’s no such thing. No such thing as renewable energy. There is no green energy. Wind turbines are killing birds. They’re irritating people. They make so much noise and whenever we install them the people around them don’t want them because they’re just too noisy. And they’re ugly. Plus, they don’t work! Nobody’s electric bills are going down and when the wind doesn’t blow then you’re really up a creek.

But there’s another company that went down the tubes, this from last week, and here’s the quote: “When Barack Obama visited the struggling Allentown Metal Works in December 2009,” again, this is before his immaculation “the factory’s industrial landscape and its rugged workers made a perfect backdrop for the president to talk about his efforts to jump-start the economy. On Thursday afternoon, its workers gone, its windows boarded up and its lot overgrown with weeds, the century-old building again made a perfect political backdrop.” Allentown Metal Works. So here are two companies, Cardinal Fastener & Specialty, and Allentown Metal Works, Obama visits both in 2008 and 2009 before he’s immaculated. Well, actually one before he was immaculated, and the other was December 2009, a year after he was immaculated, and they’ve both gone under.

And there’s another one from ABC News, February of 2009: “During a swing through Illinois to pitch the stimulus package, President Obama said that Caterpillar Inc. will be able to rehire employees it had laid off.” And, of course, Caterpillar has not been rehiring anybody. And then from the Business Insider, May of 2009: “What infrastructure boom? If there is one, Caterpillar (CAT), whose CEO promised Obama that the stimulus would allow it to keep more employees, isn’t seeing one. The company just announced another 2,454 layoffs in three states. This is the company’s third round of layoffs in just a few months.”

So there’s an Obama effect here, and it is so potent that a mere mention has a bad effect. June of this year, an AP story: “An Ohio restaurant mentioned last week by President Barack Obama as an indirect beneficiary of the government’s Chrysler bailout will go out of business Sunday after a more than 70-year history.” So if you’re a CEO or the owner of a small business, and you get a call from the White House and Obama wants to come by and say hi and use your place, don’t let him. You are destined for the ash heap soon after Obama shows up. Just like there’s the Algore effect, there is an Obama effect.

Now, the source for all of these stories, IndustryWeek.com, MorningCall.com, ABCnews.com, BusinessInsider.com, and the MorningJournal.com, every one of these examples has a solid news source, every one of them. The Obama effect. Of course we could say, ladies and gentlemen, that the United States in general overall, you want to prove the Obama effect, this guy gets elected president and look what’s happening to the whole country. We are being transformed in ways that nobody ever dreamed possible. You know, it used to be as recently as 2007, five months to find a new job if you were laid off and fired. Now it could be never, depending on your age. Sadly it could be never that you’ll find a job if you’re 50 or 60 and you lose yours. But as recently as 2007 the average time, five months, bam, you’re back at work. Now it’s years. The job market’s being flooded every year with new college graduates, and you know what their expectations are.

There are people being laid off. The universe of jobs, total number of jobs in America is being reduced by the government in their reports in order to keep the unemployment rate reported at around 9%. The week before last we had a story that Danish electric car company, THINK, is filing for bankruptcy again. All these green energy companies, all these things that Obama’s touting, all of the methods Obama touts for recovery, the exact opposite is happening. Now, this electric car company, THINK, had been bankrolled by US battery supplier Ener1 Inc., which Obama has also talked up. And he went to Elkhart, Indiana, there’s some industry, RVs, he goes there quite often, and it’s not revived.


But Obama goes to Elkhart, Indiana, to talk up green jobs, but the Obama effect is destruction. Some companies have shut down, the country’s in the process of shutting down. It isn’t gonna happen. We’re not gonna let it. But that’s the direction this regime happens to be taking.


RUSH: Have you ever seen, folks, the pictures or video footage of the district in Illinois that Obama represented? It’s a wasteland. It is a wasteland. I’m gonna try to find some to illustrate what I’m talking about. There’s no track record that Obama can point to that at any point in his political career and what he said he’s doing to improve America has been done. It’s never worked. Of course his ideas have never worked wherever they’ve been tried in the world. And now he’s turning the whole country into a replica of that Illinois district. And the grating thing is he doesn’t seem to care. That’s what becomes obvious. He just doesn’t seem to care.


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