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RUSH: Freshman Republican Senator Marco Rubio has had his own name for Barack Obama, and this is classic as well. This is from National Review Online at their Corner blog: “Rubio tells us that he will respond to Obama’s recent press conference, where the president reveled in class-warfare bluster. ‘Quite frankly, I am both disappointed for our country and shocked at some of the rhetoric,’ he says. ‘It was rhetoric, I thought, that was more appropriate for some left-wing strong man than for the president of the United States. Talking about corporate jets and oil companies,’ Rubio says, missed the point. ‘Everybody here agrees that our tax code is broken,’ he says, and he is open to discussing tax reform.

“‘But don’t go around telling people that the reason you are not doing well is because some rich guy is in a corporate jet or some oil company is making too much money.'” Well, that’s all Obama’s got. All he has is class warfare. You know, Obama’s out there chiding the Republicans for not acting like grownups. So when’s he gonna go answer questions about jobs or the economy? He just… I don’t know. The White House says they’re gonna host a Twitter town hall with President Obama on July 6, and that’s where the president will answer questions submitted via Twitter which limits messages to 140 characters. “The town hall will focus on jobs and the economy and a video feed of Obama’s answers will be streamed online.” So he’s gonna go answer questions about jobs and the economy on Twitter.

Now, let’s examine Obama a little bit from yesterday, folks. There’s only one reason to play the Fear or the Race or the Sick Children or the Homophobe Card, and that is when you have a losing hand. You have to examine Obama here in the context of his life. He’s never been in this position in his entire life. He has finally had to make decisions — as an executive, not as a voting senator — and those decisions that he’s made have produced results, and the results are disastrous. The results are horrible, and what he’s going to do is parade those horribles in front of the country and try to say that the Republicans are to blame for all this. But these results have come back to haunt him.

They are worried in the White House. They are terrified. They’re not happy with his performance in that press conference yesterday. Liberals have been running this country for over two years. As I said yesterday: We’ve had 29 months of liberalism here, folks — 29 months of unabated socialism — and we see what we get from it! It doesn’t work, and it’s one of the reasons the libs in this country are so angry. They’re perpetually angry. Imagine you’re a lib and you’ve got your panacea here, you’ve got your utopia, you’ve got your guy, and he’s given you pretty much everything you want — and your country is falling apart!

You’re no better off. The people flying in corporate jets are still flying in corporate jets; the people going to Vegas are still going to Vegas. You know, your enemies are still out there and they’re still triumphing despite the odds. The only thing is you’re no better off. You’re supposed to have all this largesse redistributed to you, and it hasn’t happened. All that’s happening is that your future is down the drain. You have no job, your house is worthless, and you voted for the guy! But imagine him. You know, it’s bad enough to be a narcissist, but to be a failing narcissist in the public eye? This is intolerable. I’m not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have to think that we’re dealing with a guy here, folks, who may not quite know how to handle all this.

This is like a guy that every mistake he’s made has been covered. Here’s a guy for whom every “C” in school was turned into a “B” or an “A.” The road was paved. There were no lows. Everything was rosy. The future was bright. All he had to do was get up every day. He told Harry Reid, “Harry, I have a gift,” meaning his ability to speak. So it’s understandable that he’s in love with himself and understandable he’s a full-fledged narcissist, but now he’s a failed narcissist and a failed narcissist in the public eye — and that is intolerable. This carefully crafted image is to be protected at all costs. I really hate to do this. I hate to, but I need to illustrate the point.

As you may know, I play golf — and I play golf with other people who play golf, and those other people who play golf with me we talk about others who play golf. In the course of playing golf with people who play golf and talking about people who play golf, the name Tiger Woods comes up — and invariably I, the renowned expert in every group which I find myself, am asked, “Do you think Tiger will ever be the golfer he was?” and my answer is, “I don’t know, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be Tiger Woods, because we now know that everything that was presented to us image-wise was not true. He wasn’t a perfect father, wasn’t a perfect husband. He wasn’t perfect this, wasn’t perfect that.” All of that was manufactured.

All of it was manufactured corporate imagery. Now we all know that none of it was true. But here’s the thing: I have so much admiration for Tiger Woods’ talent and his steely resolve. Folks, there’s nobody that faced performance pressure any better at any time than Tiger Woods. Jack Nicklaus, of course. But trust me, I know what I’m talking about — and I’m not talking about golf; I’m talking about just the pressure to perform, meet and surpass expectations, and he did that. But now every time he goes on the golf course, he knows that everybody looking at him (and they are in the millions) knows that all of what “was” was fabricated. I can’t imagine what that must be like, but I have to tell you: I think Barack Obama is going through much the same thing.

Mr. Perfect.

Look at what we were told. “A politician unlike any other. A human being unlike any other!” This man himself said, by virtue of his election, we would “slow the rise of the oceans.” The world would come together as one. There would be… Well, you remember all of that tripe. He believed it and the people around him believed it, and the people that voted for him thought the exact opposite of what has happened would happen. We were going to be loved, we were going to be powerful, we were going to be rich, we were going to be wealthy. People were gonna have all kinds of opportunity. New homes, new cars, new kitchens! All of what people wanted in their lives, he was going to provide — and he fed that.

He fed that image. He and his handlers and the media built up that image, and they made it real — and he, as a narcissist, believed it — and now he is the architect of one of the biggest disasters to ever strike this country, including Hurricane Katrina or any other hurricane. What has happened to this country in the last 29 months is unprecedented in the sense that it can be explained by the policies of one individual and a party acting in unison with him. What has happened to this country is a direct result of policy implementation by Barack Obama. So here you have this messiah, this self-believing messiah — The One — as an architect of disaster. His decisions have been disastrous. What does he do? How does he behave?

We saw a sense of it yesterday.


RUSH: I want to finish my thought here ’cause it’s a little serious folks where we are here right now. We’ve got the president of the United States who’s taking vacation after vacation after vacation, chiding Congress for not doing anything in this debt limit business. He hasn’t led on anything. He hasn’t produced a budget. He hasn’t produced a program for anything in terms of specifics. There’s really one group of people working to try to bring this country out of the mess it’s in, and it’s the Republicans in the House and the Senate — and I don’t say that as a partisan. They’re the ones working, and the other party is simply reacting and ankle-biting.

Obama’s playing golf, going on vacation. What happened yesterday in that press conference, I almost came to you today, ladies and gentlemen, wanting to apologize for treating his press conference yesterday as if it were a serious event and attempt to lead the nation ’cause it wasn’t. There he was, Obama appearing after presidential buildup. He’s got two teleprompters, he’s got one voice reverberator, he’s got a stack of political talking points and cheap shots and meaningless claims. He can say with equal passion the debt limit should not be increased — in 2006 he said that — and that it should be increased now, and nobody calls him on it.

How do you take this guy seriously? The only reason you take this guy seriously is because of the power he’s got but you don’t take him seriously because of his intellect. He can make fun of, he can mock 535 members of Congress for not showing leadership while he refuses to lead. How do you take that seriously? He can brag that his pre-teenage daughters don’t wait ’til the last minute to finish their homework while he hasn’t even turned in last year’s budget — and he gets their ages wrong! He doesn’t even know how old his daughters are. So on the one hand you have to take it seriously; on the other hand you feel like a fool for doing so. Honestly.

So we’ve got this carefully crafted image of Obama, and it is to be protected at all costs. So in the course of that protection there’ll be blame, rationalization, straw men, distortions, lies. You see, Barack Obama has never had to take responsibility for the phony arguments that he has presented. He’s always been able to vote “present” or get lost in a crowd of legislators, and in so doing has been able to maintain a phony credibility. Well, what we saw yesterday in that press conference is President Obama’s best hand. When asked, “How many cards, Mr. President?” he said, “Four.” He’s got nothing, folks. He’s got nothing. Now, in this game of debt ceiling poker Obama kept the one card he’s bluffed his way through life with, the Emotional Ploy Card. It’s a wild card that can be used to evoke fear.

Phony racial, sexual, gender, class accusations, whatever it takes to defeat the reality of his decisions. He is playing cheap emotional games, and he knows (like all the rest of us now know) that what he was presented as is a lie. He has to face those cameras, and he has to face every audience knowing full well that everybody in that audience, including Democrats in the audience, now know that he is not The Messiah. He is not magic. He is not unique. What makes him historic is not the color of his skin. What makes him historic is his contempt for this country, his desire to transform it and destroy it and convert it to a European socialist country. You know how a coward speaks before a scheduled fight? “I can’t fight you! I can’t fight you ’cause it might upset your sick grandmother.”

Whenever there’s an emotional component to an argument, it’s worth parsing. So you have Obama’s false choice here: Kids or corporate jets. That is a classic means, a class attempt to avoid the intellectual arguments regarding spending cuts. It’s undeniable. The federal government, under Barack Obama’s direction, has spent trillions of dollars beyond our means to repay. It has not created any jobs. It has not worked. It has done the opposite of what it was intended. Then to accuse Republicans of standing in the way of a debt ceiling agreement due to their preference of corporate jets over children is an emotional ploy designed to escape responsibility. It’s a coward’s way out. Corporate jets or children? That’s offered up to cloud the real problem. Barack Obama is afraid to face facts. He is afraid to face the consequence of his choices — and he’s good at this coward’s game, because he’s had so much practice.

He claims to be worried about the our kids and our sick grandmothers, but in reality he’s worried about having to have an adult discussion of a serious problem that’s covered with his fingerprints. All of this, folks, in my mind is unhealthy. You have somebody who believed all this, and the exact opposite now is revealed to be the truth. You have a reelection coming pick up and can’t run on your record. What do you do? I’m sure he’s seething with rage and anger over any number of things, and when you have that as the foundation of your behavior and policy making it’s a scary thing. Here, grab sound bite number seven first. I told the broadcast engineer I wanted to play Mitch McConnell but set up number seven. This is from the press conference yesterday. This is Obama scolding Congress.

OBAMA: Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time. Malia’s 13 (sic); Sasha’s 10. They don’t wait until the night before. They’re not pulling all-nighters.

REPORTERS: (laughter)

OBAMA: Congress can do the same thing. If you know you gotta do something, just do it. They’re in one week, they’re out one week, and then they’re saying, “Obama’s gotta step in it.” You need to be here.

REPORTERS: (giggling)

OBAMA: I’ve been here. I’ve been doin’ Afghanistan and Bin Laden and the Greek crisis. And you stay here. Let’s get it done.

RUSH: Everybody knows… I mean, that’s so childish and immature that even the left-wing media is in chagrin over this. But despite that, they’re trying to cover for him. I’m not gonna play you the bites. We’ve got sound bites here of the media people, “Oh, man he was Trumanesque! Oh, yeah, Obama in that press conference he was Trumanesque.” Really? Well, let’s go back to July 15th, 1948, in Philadelphia. At the Democrat National Convention, Harry Truman was nominated as the Democrat candidate for president, and we have a bit of his acceptance speech here.

TRUMAN 1948: My duty as president requires that I use every means within my power to get the laws the people need on matters of such importance and urgency. I am therefore calling this Congress back into session on the 26th of July.

DELEGATES: (wild cheering and applause)

TRUMAN 1948: On the 26th day of July — which out in Missouri we call Turnip Day — I’m gonna call that Congress back!

RUSH: So that’s what they claim Obama sounds like. They claim Obama’s Trumanesque. In their dreams. There was a lot of audience laughter yesterday in that press conference. I don’t know if they were laughing at him or laughing with him. Here’s Mitch McConnell this morning on the Senate floor. You just heard Obama say (impression), “Hey! Hey! I’m here! I’m here! You guys, you’re not showing up. My daughters don’t wait ’til last minute to do their homework.” Here’s Mitch McConnell.

MCCONNELL: I’d like to invite the President to come to the Capitol today to meet with Senate Republicans. Any time this afternoon he’s available, come on up to the Capitol and meet with Senate Republicans. The President says he wants us to get working. I can’t think of a better way than to have him come right on over today — we’re waiting — and hear directly from our conference about the legislative realities in Congress right now.

RUSH: Any bets on whether he shows up, ladies and gentlemen?


RUSH: Monsey, New York, and Scott. You’re first. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I’m just wondering, after listening to Obama’s press conference — I’m really, really wondering — if this guy is somewhat interested in a deal. I’m really wondering. I mean, this guy, he… I will take you to Chris Christie —

RUSH: You mean a deal on the debt ceiling?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. Take it to Chris Christie. Chris Christie was on Meet the Press, and he explained to David Gregory how he was able to cut a deal on pension reform with the Democratic legislature in New Jersey. He explained, “You know what I will tell you?” He spoke to Dave Gregory. He said, You know what I will tell you? We didn’t demagogue each other.” When you start demagoguing, you are a nonstarter. Here we have President Obama, the leader of America, and what has he done by his press conference? Just demagoguing the Republicans. He’s a nonstarter — and what does he mean? He goes comparing the deficit, the debt ceiling to Malia’s and Sasha’s spelling tests? I don’t get it. Which planet is he living on?

RUSH: Well, I know. It’s hard to understand this guy if you don’t… Where are you from, by the way.

CALLER: Monsey, New York.

RUSH: No, your nationality.

CALLER: I’m Jewish.

RUSH: Your Jewish. Well, then —

CALLER: How did you get it?

RUSH: (chuckles) You sound like you’re from a different country. I don’t mean to be insulting here.

CALLER: (chuckles) It’s no problem.

RUSH: No, don’t take it as an insult.

CALLER: It’s no problem.

RUSH: I was wondering if you had experience with a totalitarian regime. We have a lot of people that call here from former Eastern Bloc countries. I thought you might be one of those because you sound — your attitude sounds — like somebody who has recently discovered freedom from oppression, and you’re listening to some guy that reminds you of what it was like when you lived in tyranny.

CALLER: Uh-huh. No, I’m originally born in the USA.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I’m just not talking a lot of English, so…

RUSH: Well, that’s wonderful. Happy to have you on the program, brother.

CALLER: Okay, thank you.

RUSH: Now —


RUSH: You’re exactly right. We’re dealing with a man-child here. You’re trying to analyze an adult, when in fact what we have here is a narcissist who, since childhood, has had the way paved for him.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: That’s why I said it’s a little dangerous here, because this the first time anything’s ever gone wrong, and it’s the first time it’s ever gone wrong directly traceable to him.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: And how he’s dealing with it is… That’s why you get these senseless comparisons to his daughters whose ages he doesn’t even know —

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: — finishing their homework early versus Congress getting anything done while he’s out playing golf or plotting his next vacation!

CALLER: Well, he said he was taking on Bin Laden. They took him from a golf game, he should take on Bin Laden!

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: They had to take him away from a golf game to take out Bin Laden!

RUSH: Problem is they had Bin Laden all the way last August. It took ’em months to get Obama to even act on that.


RUSH: You compare Obama… (interruption) Do I think there’s gonna be a deal on the debt ceiling? I’m being asked if I think there’s going to be a deal on the debt ceiling, and I think that’s a distraction. I think that’s getting caught up in the minutia as to whether or not there’s gonna be a deal. Of course somewhere down the line there’s gonna be a deal on the debt ceiling. Of course there will be! There’s no question there will be.


RUSH: What I mean, folks, about the debt ceiling business, is it’s just the latest phony crisis. It’s just the latest TARP. It’s just the latest stimulus. It’s just the latest auto bailout. “We’d better do this or the country’s finished! If we don’t do this, why, you might have to give up two of your kids! If we don’t do this, it’s the end of the world as we know it!” It’s how the Democrats sell everything, and all this is is a ploy to raise spending; to avoid cutting spending. It’s the same old thing. Liberals are who they are, folks. Democrats are who they are. The contrast could not be more stark, and the choices that we face in the future could not be more stark.


RUSH: So earlier Mitch McConnell, in responding to the president suggesting that Congress get its butt in gear and everybody start working together, Mitch McConnell said, (paraphrasing) “Okay, Mr. President, come on up and see us here in the Senate. We Republicans are ready. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves. We’re ready to get working with you here on the debt limit and what to do about it. Come on up.” Jay Carney at the White House during the briefing responded.

CARNEY: What the Senator invited the president to do was to hear Senate Republicans restate their maximalist position. We know what that position is. And he also invited the president to hear what would not pass. That’s not a conversation worth having. What we need to have is a conversation about what will pass.

RUSH: So basically Jay Carney flips the bird to Mitch McConnell. McConnell says, (paraphrasing) “Come on up, come to Capitol Hill, you claim we’re not working; we’re here. Come on up and let’s do a deal.” Jay Carney, “We’re not gonna talk to you. You’re not budging off your maximalist position. We know what that is. You just want the president to come up there to hear what’s not gonna pass. That’s not a conversation worth having. What we need to have is a conversation about what will pass,” meaning, you guys shut up and just sign what I want. I’ll hear about it at the halfway house between nine and ten at congressional. So they didn’t mean any of that yesterday. We’re dealing with a man-child here. We’re dealing with somebody who’s not serious. Well, he’s not serious about his desire to work with Republicans. He’s not serious about anything other than presiding over the decline of this country.


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