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RUSH: The Forehead, Paul Begala. Last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 32, the guest was The Forehead, Paul Begala, and during a discussion about the debt ceiling and the breakdown in federal budget negotiations, Begala said this…

BEGALA: (haltingly) We have debt CRISIS! The American economy is facing default! Republicans have got to agree to ask wealthy people and big corporations and big oil companies to pay a little bit more. Until they’re ready to acknowledge the obvious, they’re gonna plunge this country… I — I — I worry that maybe they’re rooting for America to fail so that Obama can be defeated! I hate to think that.

RUSH: See? Did I not tell you this last week? I called it; I warned you about this. This is the tack: Republicans are sabotaging the economy. The Democrats are taking exactly what they are doing and projecting it onto Republicans. The economy is being sabotaged. Begala here, The Forehead here, this is just… You know, I’ve never met The Forehead. I’ve had e-mail exchanges with the guy, and he’s Carville’s best buddy. He’s a mean guy, he’s a naturally angry guy, but he’s not stupid. He doesn’t really believe this “’til big corporations and oil companies pay a little bit more…” He’s just doing hackery there. He’s just doing hackism. He’s just spouting the Democrat Party line there. He knows that jet owners and big corporations or oil companies paying more are not gonna make a bit of difference whatsoever. The Forehead is gonna get mad at me calling him smart, but so be it.


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