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Once upon an America – the federal government didn’t tell you how much health care you could afford – or how much your doctor would be paid – because you paid the doctor yourself. It worked.

Once upon an America – you could light your house with any light bulb you decided to buy; the federal government left the decision about lights between you and the companies who made the bulbs. It worked.

Once upon an America – the First Lady wouldn’t dare suggest what your child should eat; the President didn’t tell you that your mom should take a pain pill instead of getting a life-saving operation … but that was before government controlled more and more of the health care sector, provided food stamps, school breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Surprisingly, there was no obesity epidemic.

Once upon an America – nobody complained about holiday decorations, or where the American flag could be raised, or even wondered if “under God” was Constitutional. It worked.

Once upon an America – kids didn’t learn about sex in school; parents, teachers, and principals handled school bullies; kids graduated knowing how to read, write, and add; they could read their diplomas – which didn’t contain misspellings – and teachers weren’t more interested in union politics and political indoctrination than teaching. It worked.

Once upon an America – the government didn’t force banks to lend money to people who couldn’t pay it back. Real estate was a solid investment. It worked. So. How about now in America? Has liberalism worked?

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