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RUSH: One of the things we heard last night, we had a lot of governors at our convention last night make really great speeches. Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Bob McDonnell, Virginia, and Christie. You know, Nikki Haley, we don’t have any sound bites from Nikki Haley, but she was awesome. She was awesome and she took it to Obama, too. And as I said earlier, MSNBC did cover her because they didn’t realize she’s a minority. They thought she was just a babe that had a good tan. Didn’t realize that she was Indian in her heritage. But every one of these governors told the stories of economic revival.

Nikki Haley was the only person I heard last night mention illegal immigration. I must confess, it’s another reason I was a little less than satisfied. I think that’s a winning issue for us. I don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned. But she mentioned it. Of course, it wasn’t in primetime. Kasich told great stories, too. So all these governors, but she specifically talked about the problems they are having in South Carolina with illegal immigration. And what does she do? The federal government will not enforce the law. They have to do it themselves. Then Obama sues them. I thought this is great. Because how many people in this country don’t know that Barack Obama is suing individual states because he’s not enforcing the law? Arizona, South Carolina. How many people need to know? The president of the US is suing states. The National Labor Relations Board telling Boeing, “You can’t build a plant in South Carolina because it’s a right-to-work state.” She did all that.

But here’s my point about this, folks. Each Republican governor addressed the convention with specific details showing how they turn their states’ deficits into surpluses without raising taxes. Every one of them, Nikki Haley, Kasich, McDonnell, Christie, Scott Walker, they all did it, they raised employment, they turned state deficits into surpluses, and they did it without raising taxes. And so I’m asking myself, “Well, where are the accompanying stories, then, of starving kids and garbage pileups and bridges collapsing and schools, businesses crumbling?” Because isn’t this what we’re told by the Democrats? “We gotta raise taxes, infrastructure’s falling apart, we gotta raise taxes on the rich.”

You hear all these Republican governors with overwhelmingly profound success stories. The states are in fabulous shape, cutting taxes, or at least not raising them. I just thought it’s an interesting point. I’m going to tell you one thing positive about this convention last night: We have got a great bench. We have got some really, really top flight people out there who are building up fabulous records, in addition to their communications abilities, skills, and so forth. It’s a positive.


RUSH: How many Democrat mayors, how many Democrat governors will be able to show up at the Democrat convention next who’ve cut taxes and increased employment? Zip, zero, nada. How many Democrat governors or mayors will show up with positive stories to tell about their governance and their states and communities? Zip, zero, nada. I almost wish that Nikki Haley and Walker and these guys had been primetime last night. Those were just great. Kasich was wired. Nikki Haley was really, really, really good. We ought to get some sound bites from her speech since I’m talking about this stuff now.

Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow because time is vanishing for the busy broadcast today.

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