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“If we try to go Obama Lite to please these mythical independents, we lose.”

“Where’s it written that a woman would not appeal to independents? I think that a woman could appeal to the so-called independents.”

“They’re already making fun of Herman Cain and the way he talks on television. They never did that with the Bamster, as you know. It was just the exact opposite.”

“Some people lie to the call screener, but we detect them immediately and get rid of them in ways you never even know. But they don’t survive, trust me.”

“As you well know if you’ve ever had a fight with your wife or your husband — if you’ve ever had an argument with anyone — once you have to start explaining, you’re finished. Are you not?”

“What the Democrats hope to achieve here is a coordinated effort with other Democrats and the media of going to the Republicans and making them explain this destruction, this sabotage.”

“It has been a political calculation from the beginning not to present a budget because at some point these people have known that their president and their policies are destroying the nation’s economy.”

“Obama, the guy who is sabotaging the economy, is being given cover by the wimps on our side who are afraid that leveling that charge will send the independents running to the Democrats. But somehow when the Democrats make the charge that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy, the independents are gonna stay with the Democrats!”

“There are all kinds of opportunities for Democrats in releasing this oil, but in terms of having any actual impact on the supply that would affect price, it won’t have any.”

“If Herman Cain is to get noticed, he’s gonna have to do something himself that gets him noticed. You do it with substance or you do it with, you know, walking around wearing women’s underwear.”

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