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RUSH: Tanner in Cleveland. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Just wanted to comment on the iced tea from last week.

RUSH: Yes, sir. One week ago we introduced Two If By Tea to the nation.

CALLER: I bought four packs of the iced tea. I bought two Raspberry, and I bought two Sweet Tea. And I did not like iced tea. I can’t stand it. It’s disgusting; I can’t drink it.

RUSH: Wait a second.


RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why did you buy it if you don’t like tea?

CALLER: Oh, the reason why I bought it is because you kept saying it’s the best stuff in the whole world.

RUSH: It is!

CALLER: So, I got it yesterday. When I went home, I found the packages at the house. I opened it up, and so I tried the raspberry. The most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

RUSH: I’m telling you.

CALLER: It’s really good.

RUSH: You know, all of this is exciting to me, but last Friday when the first shipments began to arrive, I told everybody, I said, “This is a big day because this is when we find out if people like it. All the marketing in the world isn’t gonna work if people don’t like it.”

CALLER: I love the raspberry.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Folks, we do, too. Kathryn and I are among the expert tastersof these formulas, these recipes. We spent months going through just these two. We’ve got some additional flavors coming online eventually (nothing imminent but they’re in the pipeline) and we love them. We were very egocentric. I’ll tell you how we did this. We did not sample these various formulas and say, “Well, I think people will like it.” We did it on the basis of we liked it. This Raspberry, I liked it. The Diet Raspberry, I liked it. It’s the best I tasted. That’s why I decided to go with it: I liked it;and there’s ego because I’m saying, “If I liked it everybody else will,” but it’s a roll of the dice, a crapshoot. I’m getting e-mails like yours, Tanner, from people who are going on and on about how it’s the best-tasting they’ve ever tasted, and they really do mean it. It’s very gratifying. It really is. I appreciate your call.

CALLER: You’re welcome. I took it to work one day, I took it to work last night, and, you know, I gave a couple of bottles out. Everyone loved it. Everyone loved it but one person especially, he actually bought some today actually.

RUSH: Well, God bless him.

CALLER: Yes. I said, “You’re gonna love it,” and they’re like, “Nah.” The one reason they didn’t want to try it is because the Maha Rushie was on it.

RUSH: I’m sure. I’m sure.

CALLER: They didn’t want to try it because of that. I don’t blame ’em, but they love it.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I just wanted to let you know.

RUSH: Tanner, I appreciate it, and you like it and you’re not even a big fan of tea.

CALLER: No. But I love the raspberry. I think I’m gonna order some more next week when I run out.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. I can’t thank you enough. We get e-mails, folks, about this, and this really was a big test because all of the salesmanship and all the marketing and all that goes down the drain if people don’t like the product, and it turns out that that is not the case. “Dear Rush: I received my first shipment yesterday. I purchased Raspberry. My wife is taking most of one case with her to work today to share at the office. The one bottle I opened and tasted…and tasted…and tasted. You have been very dishonest about the taste. You are not honestly telling us how good it is. It is much better than you have described. It is better than any other beverage, including adult beverages, that a person can find. My only regret is that I’ve already lived 60 years without having had this tea. Thank you very much.”

That’s from Lincoln, Nebraska. It is good. It is over-the-top good. Two If By Tea. We have a website… (interruption) What? You can use it as a mixer if you want. It’s suitable for any beverage consumption. You are, H.R., investigating the various formulations with adult beverages as a mixer? Well, go for it. Two, t-w-o, TwoIfByTea.com: $23.76 per 12-pack. That’s how it’s sold. Free shipping. Oh, and you know what? I heard somebody say, “Nothing is free,” so that means people think we are factoring in the shipping costs, still making a profit, and just saying free shipping. Let me ask you a question: Are you paying for the shipping? You are not paying for the shipping. The shipping is free.

I’m not gonna give away trade secrets here, folks. But at $23.76 it is a deal. You are getting a deal, given what’s in this bottle. Given the bottle, given the label, it’s a deal. It’s well worth it. If you go to the website right now we are going to stock an entire town’s Fourth of July party with tea. Well, not an entire town, but, look: You go there and you’ll find out what we’re doing. We’re gonna have a truck roll in filled with Two If By Tea to a qualified town’s Fourth of July party. It’s your job to tell us why your town deserves it, and there’s a form to fill out right there on the home page at TwoIfByTea.com. There’s also a phone number if you’re not computer-literate or don’t like ordering things on the computer, online.

The number is 866-662-1776. We have an official partner: The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. We’re gonna end up donating a hundred thousand dollars a month to the MC-LEF, which is a charity that provides college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action. So it’s all explained, and pictures, and graphics. I really can’t wait for you to taste it. This guy says I didn’t emphasize it enough. It’s… It’s tough to sit here and say, “Hey, my stuff’s the best,” but it is, folks. It really is. There’s nothing like it out there. TwoIfByTea.com.


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