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“The only candidate I have said I would vote for is Elmer Fudd. I have not said I would vote for anybody else.”

“Conservatives are conservative and they arrive at that intellectually. There’s nothing chosen as a matter of convenience in a conservative. A conservative is there because it’s in his heart, gut, and soul. It’s not something that’s been calculated. Every other political position is calculated, even being a moderate.”

“Have you heard Obama’s gonna start tweeting? I see he’s learned nothing from the Weiner scandal.”

“We don’t forget anything here and nothing gets past us. In fact, if you listen regularly you will hear about things long before they become mainstream pop culture.”

“They say Rick Perry looks like an alien. My God, just look at Obama’s Supreme Court nominees for crying out loud.”

“There is this paranoid belief that independents do not like conservatives.”

“This is the place, folks, liberal Hollywood where idle cocktail party chitchat is considered by megalomaniacal studio heads and actors to be serious political discourse. You can run into it practically wherever you go in this town.”

“The White House reelect numbers, their polling numbers are dire. They are in bad shape.”

“Jon Huntsman — the former ambassador to the ChiComs for Obama and governor of Utah — is gonna announce his campaign for the Republican nomination tomorrow. The Drive-Bys are orgasmic! They can’t wait. They are just over the top with excitement.”

“We feel like Obama is from another star system when we listen to him. Listening to him, it feels like Darth Vader has taken over in real life.”

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