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RUSH: Here’s the point, folks. In my humble opinion, class warfare is actually warfare against the middle class — and I think this is largely misunderstand. The Democrats and the left have characterized class warfare this way. They’ve told their charges, “Stick with us, pal, and we’re gonna get even with those rich people. Ha-ha! We’re gonna make ’em people and we’re gonna redistribute their wealth and you’re gonna have more. Everybody’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna punish them big time,” and, of course, I’ve always asked: “How is that help you? Okay, some rich guy you don’t know is forced to pay a higher tax rate. How in the world does that make your life better?” I used to make my mother mad all the time when I was a kid.

She made me eat everything on the plate, and she did say — you know, it’s a clich from my generation — “There’s starving kids all over the world, starving kids in China! You eat that,” and I would say, “Okay, if I eat all of that, somebody in China is gonna be rubbing their stomach and say, ‘Ohhhh, wow. I feel full’?” and my mother would say, “Don’t sass me. Don’t be a smart-aleck.” I said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how what I eat is affecting somebody in China.” Same thing here. They can talk about going after the rich all they want, but whose pockets are being lined here? Who are their crony capitalist partners? Well, it’s all these lib Democrat front-runners on Wall Street.

General Electric is not paying a penny in United States federal income tax! The fact is the left lives in the world of crony capitalism, and they seek to control the middle class, and they want to keep the middle class “middle class.” The thing the left does not want is precisely people expanding their wealth. You can’t control ’em. The more people become independently wealthy, the less they need government. The left needs you dependent, the left needs you subservient. The left, the Democrats and the president want you needing them. They love it when you call 911 when the Chinese restaurant screws up! They love it when you call 911 when McDonald’s is outta Chicken McNuggets. They love it when you call 911 when a drug deal goes bad and you don’t get the right change.

They like it! They sit back privately and (clapping) applaud and they say, “There’s success out there. It’s working. We are convincing more and more people that the solution to practically everything in life is to call us.” The same party that yells about tax cuts for the rich have made it so that General Electric pays no taxes. Do you think Bush did that? you think Reagan did that? That was Barack Obama, my friends. If you support ’em and you get this wacko president who wants these jellybean cars with these little propeller wings on ’em and solar power? You tell him, “Fine, I’ll build one,” and he’ll take care of you. You support the regime and they’ll take care of you. You ignore the regime, and they will punish you.

Remember Microsoft? Microsoft forgot something very important. They did not have a lobbyist in Washington. They didn’t have an office. They weren’t greasing the skids. Guess what? Massive lawsuit. Remember when Microsoft didn’t have any lobbyists? They were punished for it. Now they do. Now Microsoft greases the skids. What we’re living through right now is what happens when the left gets its way. That’s what we’re living through right now. When the left wins, when they get what they want, that’s what we’re living through. You can’t find a job; you worry if you have a job that you’re going to lose it. The price of gasoline skyrockets; the price of food skyrockets.

The value of your home is such that it’s underwater. What we’re living through right now is what happens when the left gets its way. When the Democrat Party wins is what happens now, and somehow they have managed to convince a bunch of genuine blithering idiots. “Rush, if you keep insulting them, you’re never going to persuade them.” They’re lost causes anyway! Check out some of these Nimrods that post on some of these blogs, folks. Anyway, they’re out there thinking, “Yeah, Obama loves me! He’s gonna take care of me. He’s gonna get even with these rich guys. He’s gonna make sure I get my share.”


RUSH: Phil in Knoxville, Tennessee, I’m glad you waited, sir. I appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, maybe you can explain this to me. We’ve always been told that the majority of jobs come from small businesses. So we have this job panel and the members were like from GE and Amex and Intel and Xerox and all these smart types from college, and I just want to know, where’s the owner of Bob’s hardware and Darlene’s ice cream and the local lumberyard and those people?

RUSH: Exactly. The president’s job council you mean?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I tell you, they’re nowhere, because that jobs council is not about creating jobs. Jeffrey Immelt doesn’t have to talk to Barack Obama about creating jobs. Jeff Immelt and none of the people, none of the CEOs that are on that council have to have a meeting about how to create jobs. They know how to do it. They know how companies work. They’re CEOs. They don’t have to teach Obama. That’s not what that’s about. This is crony capitalism, pure and simple. This is Obama forging deals and relationships with these CEOs to advance a political agenda, all the while making us think that there’s some real heavyweight people getting together to discuss what’s wrong with jobs in this country.

These CEOs are the creme de la creme. There’s not a single one of them that’s gonna learn anything from Barack Obama. There’s not a single one of them that’s gonna learn anything from anybody else. They all know why the economy is in bad shape and what it takes to get it out of it. They all know that but they cannot, any of them individually, single-handedly bring it about. So it’s another one of these phony get-togethers designed to make everybody think that the regime is focusing on the problem, so that these people out of work are being paid attention to and their interests are being looked after and it’s not that at all. It’s a dog and pony show, pure and simple.

You don’t need one meeting with one member or bureaucrat, any bureaucracy or government agency and a CEO to talk about jobs. Now, they may be talking about other things. “Okay, Barack, how much do you want to change regulations on my business?” That kind of stuff might be going on, but these guys don’t need to have a council creating jobs. It’s absurd. It’s just a bunch of show ponies up there creating an illusion, pure and simple.


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