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“Government dependence is a learned behavior, and the Democrat Party and the worldwide left have been teaching and encouraging it for years.”

“I am Rush Limbaugh, changing the course of American history even as I speak. Changing the course of American history because I speak.”

“There isn’t any inspiring economic news out there except for a new tea that’s been released on the market this week.”

“How far along the line are we that a lot of Americans view the primary purpose of the federal government is to equalize outcomes in life, not opportunity, but to equalize outcomes?”

“This is the United States of America. You have the ability to create your own job. That has been one of the greatest things about this country, entrepreneurism.”

“I’ve never understood the math that the rich get rich by stealing from the poor. The mathematics of that’s never made sense to me.”

“The welfare state destroys things and then claims to exist to provide a safety net for people whose lives they’ve destroyed.”

“In North Korea the richest 1% are the people who run the government, but there’s no great equality in that country. The rest of the people eat dog. I’m not kidding.”

“How many more people would have jobs and homes if the government didn’t take so much money from everybody?”

“The virtual Limbaugh Broadcast Museum at RushLimbaugh.com is fascinating. We’re very proud of it, and it foretells the actual brick and mortar’s museum that will no doubt exist somewhere down the road.”

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