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Snerdley wants to know how the first day went, Two If By Tea. Folks, I’m busting with pride, busting buttons, filled with gratitude and thanks. I mean orders are still pouring in for this stuff. Yesterday we introduced Two If By Tea, a new product, an iced tea, brand-new iced tea available on the market, not in stores, only on our website, TwoIfByTea.com, or by phone at our call center. We’re not yet selling this retail. We want to make it fair for everybody to be able to get it and it would not have been possible to get retail nationwide distribution. Our call center number is 866-662-1776. And the website is TwoIfByTea.com.

It’s the best tasting tea. We’ve been working on this in secret for ten months. I couldn’t even tell my friends about it because we didn’t have any corporate sponsor or backing, no corporate partner. If word got out what we were doing all it would take is some corporation putting this together in a couple of months probably with a large staff, so we kept it on the down low. The testing went on for two, three months, bottling started a couple of weeks ago, three weeks ago now. I went there for the historic day that that was. But in every phase, folks, it is excellence in tea, and the logo is me, Rush Revere, and “the liberals are coming.”

You are not gonna want to throw away these bottles. The labels are gonna win a war, finest labels in the beverage business. The shrink wrapped tea comes in cases of 12-packs. I’m holding a six-pack up right now, they’re in shrink wrap, and for those of you on the Dittocam you can see. Look at that blue, it’s gorgeous color on the shrink wrap and the label. The tea inside the 16 ounce bottles is the best that you have ever tasted. And everybody asks, “What is your favorite?” If I were to tell you my favorite I would cause a run on it. I could tell you the number of orders we had but there’s no basis. You wouldn’t have any way of knowing whether — (interruption) Oh, it exceeded expectations by a factor of five. We were still purchasing additional bandwidth last night to handle the crush at the website. We have servers in the cloud. We thought we had it covered. We have experience with this kind of thing.

We shut down other people’s websites, and I shut down my own for a while. So yeah, we were still buying additional website bandwidth last night. So just go to TwoIfByTea.com. It’s a great website. Some of the history is there, some of the explanation of why we’re doing this, what it’s all about. We have, ladies and gentlemen, a proud sponsor. We are working with the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. We are donating a minimum of $100,000 to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation starting in June of this year. They are a sponsor we have with the tea. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, of course, provides college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action, and in some cases members of other military branches who are killed in action.

There’s a history of tea and me on this program going back to the very days of this program’s beginning. Here’s an individual bottle, by the way. This, for those of you on the Dittocam, let me zoom in here. I just want you to see this up close if you haven’t had a chance to go to the website. I’m gonna zoom in a little tighter yet. Okay, here we go, turn the Dittocam back on. There you go. That’s Rush Revere warning the country the liberals are coming. Now, this is the diet raspberry version. That’s what I happen to be drinking right now. We have regular and regular diet and raspberry and diet raspberry right now.

People want to know will there be additional flavors? I am certain. We have left ourselves countless growth opportunities. A 12-pack is $23.76. We ship free anywhere in the US and the 48 states on the continent. There’s an additional charge for Alaska and Hawaii. By the first two hours of yesterday we had orders in all 50 states. What do you think? We have instant analytics. We can judge at that very moment where the orders are coming in from. What do you think the state is with the largest number of orders that we’ve had? It’s in flux and it changes, but it’s California. Yep. California. And it’s close, I mean there are a lot of other states that are close as well. But it’s exciting and it is growing by leaps and bounds, just like this program is. (interruption) The hardest part of putting it together? I don’t know because it was all so much fun.

The hardest part were all the legals and all the FDA regs and all the administrative stuff that I was just describing that doctors have to go through, all the obstacles that are put in the way. One of the reasons I did this, by the way, honest to God, folks, was to show that even in an Obama economy, that entrepreneurism can — Now, I’m not guaranteed a profit. We’re not guaranteed a profit, but we took a product from nothing to market in ten months. And we’ll see. Nobody is guaranteed a profit, and I’m not guaranteed a profit on this, either. There are a lot of startup costs here which we happily spent, but the end result, it’s our baby, we just love it.


RUSH: Folks, let me tell you something, Two If By Tea, my tea is cheaper than some brands of designer water. And this is real tea. It’s made and it’s brewed in these giant vats. It’s an amazing thing to watch. We had actual food scientists that we were working with for the ingredients and the recipe and the taste testing. But there’s nothing fancy here. Basics, folks. Keep it simple. The simple pursuit of excellence in every bottle. Folks, I’m just gonna tell you, we have the finest black tea available. We have the ingredients picked by the finest pickers, selected by the finest selectors and produced by the best producers. It’s just delicious. It’s amazing to be part of this.

Again, the phone number if you don’t have the ability to buy on the Internet, and the Internet, or website’s the fastest way. The free shipping is three days guaranteed. Well, guaranteed is tough to say but maximum three days is the odds. We got warehouses in every region of the country to make shipping time as fast as it can be. Shipping’s el freebo, but the phone number is 866-662-1776. TwoIfByTea.com. And, by the way, one of the things that we made sure to do, we had enough product here for our rollout to handle a massive national demand. I actually talked about this with Kathryn. I said you know what we could do? We could roll out, nobody would know, we could roll out with a small amount and proclaim a sellout the first day and make it look like, oh, my God, my God, look at the demand. Or we could roll out in a huge quantity and make sure that all the demand that’s there is met.

We went back and forth ’cause both are traditional practices. I’m convinced that there are a lot of businesses who produce well below demand expectations to create this image of overwhelming demand to create interest, but I finally said this don’t do us any good for people that want the product and are not able to get it, plus we got a five week turnaround from the time we give an order to start bottling in the quantities we bottle, it’s a three- to five-week turnaround. So we decided to roll out with sufficient quantity to handle the demand of a thirsty nation, and we did it in time for Founders Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, and we haven’t even begun our Fourth of July push. Two If By Tea made for the Fourth of July for your Fourth of July barbecues, picnics, Tea Parties, what have you, made to order. That’s coming down the pike.


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