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On Monday, Obama signed an executive order creating yet another layer of government. This time it’s an “oversight board” that will supposedly work with federal agencies to cut wasteful spending and improve performance.

In a video announcement to promote the “Campaign to Cut Waste,” Obama gave examples of “stupid spending.” Such as: the Federal Register, which is published daily though it’s available online; redundant government websites; and a surplus of federal buildings. “As we work to tackle the budget deficit, we need to step up our game,” said Pharaoh Obama. “No amount of waste is acceptable – not when it’s your money, not at a time when so many Americans are already cutting back.” To make sure the waste campaign works, Obama put Vice President Joe Bite Me in charge.

I’ve got news for you. Redundant websites, surplus buildings, and the Federal Register aren’t the problem. Obama put Joe Bite Me in charge of the Porkulus program that was supposed to turn the economy around. After wasting almost a trillion dollars on a slush fund targeted to his union buddies, the economy is still sucking wind. But now we’re supposed to believe cutting back on a few websites is going to make a difference?

The big drivers in government spending are entitlements, but Obama and Democrats have no plan to deal with them. Do you really want to get rid of “government waste”? Next election – vote these clowns out of office! No offense intended to professional clowns.

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