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RUSH: What a spectacular backfire it was. I mean 24,000 e-mails. How many people could withstand a media analysis of 24,000 of your e-mails replete with volunteers looking for any syllable of dirt on you and nobody finds anything? What a giant backfire. Speaking, of course, about Sarah Palin. The media is terribly distraught looking for the knockout shot that they have been unable to deliver.

The State-Controlled Media is clearly hoping to find anything that would knock Mrs. Palin out of the race, even though she’s not in it. They want to knock her out of it before she gets in it. They want to knock her out of it before she gets in it so she doesn’t get in it. Why? Why do they care, folks? If she’s such a idiot and a dunce, why do they care? You know, one thing it did was knock Weiner off the front page. Weiner says he’s gonna stick it out now. Nobody can figure out which way he’s going on this. He’s gonna go to rehab and stick it out. He’s gonna resign and go to rehab. He’s not gonna go to rehab. He’s gonna resign. Nobody knows. What’s the latest you’ve heard, Snerdley? He’s staying, gonna stick it out, which is what got him in trouble in the first place. So that’s the latest with Weiner.

The 17-year-old says it’s no big deal. It sent Democrats over the edge because after a while you reach a point of diminishing returns where it makes no sense to save the guy. In fact, Charles Rangel is out there, (paraphrasing) “Hey, hey, there weren’t any little boys involved here, everybody back off.” Rangel actually said that. There aren’t any little boys involved here, no big deal. And I guess for Democrats there is a point where the appearance of impropriety actually matters. No, don’t doubt me on that. Rangel actually said it, and he has experience being investigated in things like this.

So all they found in these e-mails — and there’s 24,000 of them — all they found is that she’s a very hardworking governor. They found out that she is really devoted, a very, very hardworking governor. So now the New York Times and others are basically telling their readers to ignore the e-mails. Don’t worry about it. We’ve looked at ’em for you. We’ve had all of our volunteers, and there’s nothing to see there. I marvel at this. The so-called smart people in the room are making abject fools of themselves more so and more so each and every day. They didn’t even find anything they could take out of context. That’s how clean and pure these e-mails were. Nothing they could even take out of context.


RUSH: Okay, now that we’ve seen all of Sarah Palin’s e-mails, could we finally get a list of all of Obama’s tee times? Maybe some of his grades somewhere? Seriously, do you realize what has been done here, the singular effort to destroy a human being by the United States media? It’s not all that uncommon, but I’ve rarely seen it this intense for this long on somebody who’s not even elected, not even serving in office. They go through 24,000 e-mails and they find nothing? It backfired and now they’re ticked off again?

They were so sure they were gonna find that smoking gun. They didn’t know what it would be, they didn’t know what it was but all they could find out was that she’s very serious, that she’s nice woman, that she took being vice presidential nominee very seriously, and they also confirmed that she is the mother of Trig. You know, they tried to spread a rumor that she was not the mother, one of the daughters was. They found out that she — imagine! — told the truth about that. (Gasp!) What do you do? I tell you what: Palin did better in her public colonoscopy than Katie Couric did in hers.


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