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RUSH: Jan in Martinez, California. Or is it “Martin-ez”? How do you pronounce it out there?

CALLER: It’s Martinez.

RUSH: How are you?

CALLER: I’m great. I just want you to know when I put my girls to bed every night we pray for you and we pray for our country.

RUSH: Thank you very much. One in the same, and I appreciate that.

CALLER: All right. We’re praying that God will rise up a candidate who can help our country out here. So I’m calling about all this Sarah Palin hoopla that you’ve had on your show the last few days.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I would have to say that I’m like Sarah Palin. I’m six months older than her. I didn’t hang with girls in high school because they were too catty for me. I didn’t carry a can of hair spray around in my purse. We actually have the same degree. We actually both have husbands that love us and we love them. I don’t care what people think about me. I’m a black-and-white person. I’m very conservative. You don’t have to be my best friend. If we don’t agree on things, you know, that’s okay. I’ve heard Sarah Palin speak; I’ve met her. I’ve also heard Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. I heard Pawlenty, but he took off after the speech — I couldn’t sink my claws into him — and I’ve met Sharron Angle. I want to tell people: These people are not like the media portrays. They’re good, honest people that the media has shredded, and that’s the point of my call. Most conservative women that I talk to I am in a Republican women’s federated group, Rush, and I also go to Tea Parties — these are good, solid women and they bought the line from the media. They always say the same thing. “Oh, she’s great at rallying the troops. We love her enthusiasm, but we just don’t think she can recover from that media onslaught.”

RUSH: Yeah, that seems to be the line. That’s what Vinny from Queens said. A lot of people say it to me. Others say she’s not qualified. Others say she’s too stupid. Conservatives who have a natural, instinctive distrust of the media seem to believe everything the media says about her. Now, there’s a fascinating story here on the AP Wire today and it caused my antenna to go up. Headline alone: “Top Democratic Women Dodge Tough Call on Weiner — — Pursed lips. Frosty glares. Polite demurrals. Icy silence. Women in politics are grappling with the distinctly unfunny choice of restraining themselves or letting rip what they really think about Rep. Anthony Weiner,” and this story essentially is about Democrat women not dumping on Weiner. Democrat women are going out of their way not to be critical of Weiner because he’s one of them. They’re not dumping on Weiner…

In fact, Barbara Walters? It’s amazing some of the things that Barbara Walters is saying. He was just trying to show his wife how much he loved her and how much he was thinking about her. Honest to God! Barbara Walters, yeah. The picture in the early stages, when everybody thought he’d been hacked, said he took the picture because he wanted his wife to know how much he loves her how much he was thinking about her. Folks, the things that leftist women have come up with to defend Weiner. Meanwhile, as we have heard on this program (and I understand it’s now bled over to other programs around the country), conservative women are dumping all over Sarah Palin, but Democrat women are circling the wagons to protect Weiner. That’s right. That’s right, to protect their Weiner.

It’s a fascinating case study, folks.


RUSH: Jackie in Athens, Missouri, as we go back to the phones on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: (muffled) Hey, Rush. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yes, I hear you fine.

CALLER: Oh, good. Listen, I know it’s probably not your favorite thing to insult a lot of your listeners, and we all know that a lot of your listeners are women. But due to the seriousness of this upcoming election, I don’t think you have any choice but to come right out and tell them that you were of the opinion that conservative women were intelligent and thought about issues and actually acted upon their thoughts about issues and that you are ashamed –shocked and ashamed — that conservative women are responding to Sarah Palin the way they are. I’m ashamed of my own sex.

RUSH: I actually spent a lot of yesterday’s program doing that in my own words. I did ask: “What is this whole point?” The point I made was the importance of policy these days. How come it’s being subordinated to all these superficial concerns, and I was somewhat surprised by it because I’ve always known liberal women run around and they’re susceptible to soccer mom garbage and all that. But I’ve always thought that conservative women were far more deep in their depth of substance on issues. This Sarah Palin business, it’s caused me to start scratching my head about it. It really has. It was painful for me to try to massage this yesterday, but basically here what Jackie is saying is that some of you women have called here are stupid and she wants me to say that. She wanted to say it herself because she knows that I won’t, but that’s pretty much it, right, Snerdley? Yeah. She wants me to call women stupid, and that’s just not what I do.


RUSH: John in “Occupied Chicago.” Great to have you on the EIB network. Hello.

CALLER: Maha Rushie. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Mexicans will definitely vote for Sarah Palin. Why? Because she’s got more testosterone in her pinky than most of the Republican Party does.

RUSH: Yup.

CALLER: I regretfully say that because believe you me: There’s a lot of old white Republican men that I admire and I appreciate that they keep me and my family safe. In these dark times, that’s what I need: To have men standing there in those offices with principles — and, again, I’m sorry to say that Sarah Palin has more testosterone in her pinky than most of the Republican Party does; and she’s not the only one. Michele Bachmann is also a good person. We can talk about Ileana Ros-Lehtinen over there in your state. These are the people that I admire. The shame is the only ones speaking out are the women. What’s up with the men?

RUSH: We’ve asked that — and meanwhile, Anthony Weiner told the New York Post that he’s going to “stick it out.” That’s actually their headline at the New York Post. “Weiner: I’ll stick it out.” (laughing) He’s not going to resign. We’ve been asking that question, John, and pointing out that the gonads in the Republican side are with the women: Palin, Bachmann, some of the Tea Party women. There’s no question. I really do believe that there has been a chickification of our political culture, particularly Washington, DC. I just believe it. I think it’s been a steady, albeit slow, encroachment since the modern area of feminism began, traceable to the late ’60s, early ’70s. There’s a sitcom that’s starting in the fall. I’ll have to go out here and find it on the computer. I didn’t bother printing it out because I didn’t think it would come up, but the sitcom is about a guy who has been… What’s the best way to put this? I’ll have to paraphrase it. He’s totally henpecked, but it supposedly represents the way things are. It’s not making a statement against it. It’s supposed to be reflective of the way things are in culture today. So it is a phenomenon. It really is. I’m glad you called from “Occupied Chicago,” John.


RUSH: Look at this now: You’ve got 24,000 e-mails being released by the State of Alaska about Sarah Palin and the New York Times and the Washington Post — hell, all of them — have camera crews there! They’ve got trucks. They’ve got reporters. They’ve solicited members of the public to pore through all of these e-mails desperate to find something that they can use that will finally, once and for all, destroy Sarah Palin. Yet not one bit of curiosity about: Who is Barack Obama? Not one shred of energy is being deployed to tell us who this guy really is, nor has there been! The same media that is out to destroy Sarah Palin and Bachmann, and any Republican that surfaces, is not at all interested in who Obama really is. Then those of us who want information on Obama, we end up being mocked!

We end up being laughed at and made fun of and called racist or what have you. “Come on, Rush, let it go! Can’t you just accept it? The guy was elected,” blah, blah, blah. Well, we sit here and we watch a search and destroy mission. This is what really makes me mad when I hear people on our side sit here and say, “Well, Rush she’s damaged goods.” Okay. “Just let it happen. Not much we can do about it. Gotta move on! Next.” I had my annual Spring Fling, which is a combination political golf weekend over five days. It was at the end of April, and I don’t mention the names of the guests because of privacy and all that, but I would love to be able to tell you who was there because I’ll tell you what we talked about, and it would matter.

But one of the subjects that came up one night at dinner was precisely this lack of unity on the right to circle the wagons and protect our own when any of us or them are under assault. If the media targets somebody for any kind of transgression, you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody on our side is going to join them. “Yeah, we’ve got to get rid of this person. This person is not fit to be one of us, not fit to be a conservative. This person is going to bring us all down,” and all of that is oriented in trying to be loved and respected by the left. So the left comes out and says, “X is a reprobate! Look at what X did,” a Republican candidate or elected official or whatever.

But you look at what’s happening in New York: Even liberal women are circling the wagons around Weiner! Liberal women are doing everything they can to not pile on the guy. Conservative women — and not just women, a lot of conservatives and Republicans — are on the bandwagon trying to destroy Sarah Palin, as they did try to destroy Christine O’Donnell. It was a major discussion point one night at dinner. It’s one of these phenomenons. You can see it happening right here with the Sarah Palin e-mails. Massive interest. “Gosh, can we find some dirt? Let’s get rid of her. Yes, yes, yes,” and enlisting the public to do so, and yet not one ounce of energy is spent on finding out exactly who Obama is or anything about his policies.


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