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On Thursday, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed an immigration measure described as the toughest in the nation. The new law makes it illegal for illegals to receive any state or local public benefit. It outlaws illegals from attending or enrolling in colleges. They can attend elementary and secondary schools, but those schools will be required to find out which students are illegal – and submit an annual report to the state education board.

Wait. There’s more. The law outlaws harboring and transporting illegal immigrants, renting property to illegals, and knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant for any work within the state.

Wait. There’s even more. Alabama makes it a “discriminatory practice” for a business to either fire or not hire a legal resident when that business has an illegal on its payroll. Think that’s enough? There’s more. The new law requires police to make a “reasonable attempt” to determine a person’s immigration and citizenship status in the course of a lawful “stop, detention, or arrest” – if they reasonably suspect the person could be illegal.

Still not finished. Next year, every business in the state will have to verify employees’ immigration status using the federal E-verify program. And – the law also makes it a criminal offense to deal in “false identification documents.”

Needless to say, liberals are hysterical with rage. The ACLU is preparing a lawsuit to overturn the law. Move over, Arizona. Alabama is in the house – big time!

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