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RUSH: To the audio sound bites. This is why we say this program’s on the cutting edge. On the day after when everybody left and right was panicked that killing Bin Laden made Obama a shoo-in, remember this? Osama was killed by Obama, and our side, oh-ho-ho, they were glad that Osama was dead, but I mean this is it for us, this is guaranteeing Obama’s reelection; remember all that? Here I came, El Rushbo roaring into the Golden EIB Microphone to say this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Killing Osama is not gonna change one thing about why people are upset with Obama, and I’m telling you, there’s gonna be an uptick in the polls — get ready for that this week — but it’s going to pass.

RUSH: It’s going to pass. And, my friends, it has passed, State-Controlled media is scratching their heads. They had Obama reelected. They want to know — we have a montage here — what happened to the Bin Laden bounce.

JANSING: President Obama appears to have lost his post-bin Laden bounce.

PHILLIPS: President Obama has lost his bin Laden bounce.

BOLLING: Obama got a boost in the polls after killing bin Laden, but those numbers have come back to Earth.

DOOCY: The bin Laden bounce, not so long lasting.

BRZEZINSKI: The President losing the bounce.

BASHIR: Any laurels he might have rested upon following the death of bin Laden have certainly been pulled from under his feet.

NAPOLITANO: The President has lost his post killing of bin Laden bump.

JAVERS: The political bump that the president received after the killing of Osama bin Laden has totally evaporated.

O’REILLY: The bin Laden bounce, and it was gone.

ROVE: The bounce came and went.

RUSH: It’s gone. Gone. But you didn’t need to wait for the montage today to know because I, El Rushbo, told you it wouldn’t last. And anybody with any common sense would have been able to tell you this.

Bob Beckel this morning on the Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co., Beckel and Varney were talking about the economy and so forth and Stuart Varney, who I like, said, “You can’t tell me what Obama’s economic policy’s gonna be, can you? You can’t tell me.”

BECKEL: Right now there is very little he can do about it. The markets are supposed to do this. Now they’re sitting on a record number of cash and they’re not doing it, banks could be lending and they’re not doing it, and I’m suggesting there’s a conspiracy between the business and the banking community and the Republicans to ensure that Obama does not have good economic news.

RUSH: Right. So now it’s a conspiracy between the banking community and the business community and Republicans to ensure that Obama does not have good economic news. There’s not much Obama can do about this anyway, Beckel says, the markets are supposed to do this.


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