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RUSH: You know, Austan Goolsbee’s out. He’s quitting. He’s gonna go back and teach, which is exciting. Here’s a guy that’s the fifth economic advisor to quit the Obama team. The only one of the originals left is Geithner. And so Goolsbee’s going back to teach which is not encouraging. Here’s a total screw up who has no clue what he’s doing. He’s gonna go back to the halls of academe and corrupt and pollute the minds, the young skulls full of mush, the youths of America. I’ve been looking at what Carville had to say. Carville is predicting potential riots next summer if the unemployment situation doesn’t change, making it clear that these are not good times for Obama. As I say, I will develop this later on as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears today, but at some point you Democrats are gonna have to make a decision. Do you stick with Obama or do you jump ship? Do you stick with Obama or do you do a Goolsbee and get out of there?

Ask yourself this. Do you stick with Jimmy Carter or do you get out and protect yourself? The time’s coming where it’s going to be too late. The time is approaching for you Democrats, it’s going to be too late or he is going to drag all of you down just as he did so many members of the House in the last election. That November 2010 election, a shellacking from the top of the ballot to the bottom of the ballot, and by that I mean down to state and local elections. I know that Democrats and socialists and liberals, you’re loyal and all of this. But you have to have something to run. You have to have something to have power over. You have to have something that’s worthwhile. And your careers are hanging in the balance. You Democrats, if you continue to have your careers tied to President Obama, you’re not gonna have a career. You know, the Ragin’ Cajun Carville has given us about 10% of what he really thinks. If he’s saying what he’s saying, there’s 90% that he’s thinking that he’s not saying yet. He’s worried. He’s been there. “It’s the economy, stupid,” was his phrase. That can come back and you could throw it right back at these guys now.

So for you Democrats who are interested in protecting your own careers, you’re gonna have to make a decision. You stay with this guy or do you run away from him as fast as possible? I say this as someone who supported Hillary against Obama in Operation Chaos. I have tried to help you before, and you ignored me. I did. I tried to save you from this guy. I didn’t have much of a choice. I did not have much of a choice, Hillary or Obama, but look, that nomination was hers. She and Huma knew that it was hers. Huma was so depressed when all that happened, she married Weiner.

I’m telling you, folks, particularly you Democrats out there, as one who has not only supported Hillary, but I urged this audience to support Hillary in Operation Chaos, and they did. I have tried to help you out before. I mean you’re trying to pick our candidates for us, and we appreciate it. And I’m trying to return the favor. But if you Democrats, and I’m talking about elected officials, I understand I don’t have much of a chance here persuading you but I wanted to get it on the table and let you know that I know that you are thinking about it. I know that you know that this can’t go on, that you’re not gonna have a career if this stewardship, if this destruction of the once great United States economy continues unabated, you’re nowhere. What are you gonna have control over?


RUSH: I tell you, no matter where you look, you see news that makes you ask, “Can we really recover from this?” “The federal government…” USA Today: “The federal government’s financial condition deteriorated rapidly last year, far beyond the $1.5 trillion in new debt taken on to finance the budget deficit, a USA Today analysis shows. The government added $5.3 trillion in new financial obligations in 2010, largely for retirement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. That brings to a record $61.6 trillion the total of financial promises not paid for,” unfunded liabilities.

This comes to over $500,000 per American household: $61.3 trillion. In 2008, just to show you how fast this is adding up, 2008 the total of unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare was $53 trillion. Today it’s $62.6 trillion. This election coming up is, in fact, about liberty versus tyranny. This is about the private sector versus big government, market system versus socialism. There has never been an election more focused on the revival versus the death of a great nation than this election coming up. That’s what’s at stake, and that’s why I’m suggesting many of you Democrats, you may want to start flying the coop early.


RUSH: My friends, $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities! Whatever story we see about Social Security running out of money in ten years or Medicare/Medicaid running out of money in ten years? They’re outta money now: $61.6 trillion unfunded liabilities. It’s a USA Today story that this news comes from — and, by the way, it’s $534,000 per household. That’s the sum total of the debt: $534,000 per American household. Now, that number, $534,000 is more than five times what Americans have borrowed for everything else: Mortgages, automobile loans, other debt. Five times. Unfunded liabilities: $61.6 trillion is what the people who work in this country are obligated to pay those who will retire, is the way to look at this. Nothing’s real!

We haven’t had this money for a long time. We don’t have this money now. Now, coincidentally Social Security and Medicare are the two programs that the Democrats are dead set against changing even one iota — and the USA Today story about the $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, was based on, quote, “a little-known audited financial report of the federal government.” So why is so little known? Oh, by the way, guess what we found going through an audit of the federal government here? Look at this: $61.6 trillion, unfunded liabilities! And that doesn’t include all the unfunded pension plans in the states for public sector employees. This is just Social Security and Medicare.

You know, this election coming up is all about the private sector versus big government, market system versus socialism. It might be accurate to say that there has never been an election more focused on objectives either going to be the revival of a great nation or the death of a great nation than this one coming up. Have you noticed many of Obama’s sentences begin with “No longer can America,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, usually he delivers these sentences overseas. “No longer can America… No longer can America…” So the question that I’d like I to ask to all of you liberals (and I know you’re out there — you know you’re here. I know you’re here. You’re here every day.) On what basis does Obama deserve reelection?

On what basis has Obama earned your vote? On what basis? Of all the things that this regime has done, what is it that you want more of? What is it that’s making everybody so ecstatically happy or supremely content that you want more of it? You know, the popular reelection slogan: “Four more years” of this? What do we want four more years of? I can’t think of a single thing that we want four more years of from this administration. Maybe four more years of Anthony Weiner, but I don’t know. There’s nothing that would recommend reelection. This guy is “landslidable defeatable,” as I have been saying now for weeks, almost into months on this program.


RUSH: Grant, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I want to know if you know of anybody — particularly somebody who isn’t on the national stage in the past or whatever — that could maybe beat Obama in a primary.

RUSH: Hillary.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. I’ll tell you who I like, and I never heard his name mentioned on the national stage, and that’s my former governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry.

RUSH: Brad Henry?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You think Brad Henry could beat Obama in the Democrat primary?

CALLER: No, I don’t know whether he could or not, but I liked him. He did a good job, and he did it scandal free.

RUSH: Is he a Democrat?

CALLER: Yes, sir. For eight years.

RUSH: He’s a Democrat. Scandal free. Hmm.

CALLER: Yeah, he was in just before this lady that’s in now, Mary Fallin. She’s a Republican.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But he did it for eight years up until this past January.

RUSH: Well, what makes you think that Obama’s gonna have a primary challenger anyway?

CALLER: Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. I voted for him holding my nose, but I’m not very happy about it, and I would just as soon maybe take a chance on somebody else.

RUSH: You ever think about maybe voting for a Republican?

CALLER: Well, ummm, not — not for some of the ones that have run, right? (laughing)

RUSH: If you don’t like Obama, you know, it doesn’t matter which Democrat you get in there. Nothing’s gonna change. They all believe this garbage.


RUSH: Okay, it’s come to this, folks. Disgruntled Democrats in Oklahoma are calling me asking me for suggestions to alternatives to Obama. Why don’t you just vote Republican? Why are you worried — (laughing) — not quite ready for that. Obviously.

Dennis, Shreveport, Louisiana, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.


CALLER: I enjoy your show immensely when I get a chance to listen to it —

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: — and you are the man.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: And your detractors, as far as I’m concerned, can all go to Haiti, you know what I’m saying?

RUSH: I do. I actually do.

CALLER: The liberals I’ve met in my life have the personality of a rock. They’re really not even human it seems half the time.

RUSH: I can understand that, plus with me, you know, you’re dealing with someone who uses the voice as a work of art. It’s just hard to compete with.

CALLER: The point I’m trying to make is Obama or President Obama — I’ll show him respect even though the Democrats or liberals wouldn’t show George Bush respect, or the office respect, I should say — President Obama said that the previous two months the last month they created two million jobs. Well, if unemployment is 400,000 a week for those eight weeks, that’s 3.2 million, so he actually lost 1.2 million jobs. That’s how I see it.

RUSH: Yeah. I applaud you for wasting the time to do the math on this. The idea that this regime has created two million jobs over any period of time, I mean it’s an exercise in the absurd. This is pure spin. They just go out and say it ’cause they know the stenographers in the State-Controlled Media will report it. I think it’s absurd.


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