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RUSH: Hey, folks, I just got a funny picture. I just got a funny subtle picture. I’m gonna show it to you. Oh, no. Well, somebody’s misplaced my… Is this it? Yeah, finally found it. It’s a good thing. I need to turn the Dittocam off; I need to tighten it up here. I got a funny picture I’m gonna show those of you watching the program today at RushLimbaugh.com, a little tighter here. I know this is tough for you who are not gonna be able to see it. What I have here is… Let me back off just a bit. This is, ladies and gentlemen… Here we go. Look at this, Snerdley. This a picture of DSK with Michelle (My Belle) Obama and Barack Obama, and look where Obama’s hand is and look at the greedy look on DSK!

This DSK guy looks like he could attack Michelle Obama right there on the stage. Looks like they’re at the Clinton Global Initiative or something. Obama’s got his hand in a restraining way on old DSK. DSK is leering as though he just swallowed some Viagra. I mean, if that doesn’t say it all. This guy looks like a wolf prowling. He’s leaning, looking towards here… You know, Obama clearly when this picture was taken, knew of the reputation of old DSK. Obama knew what he was dealing with in Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the guy that’s now in an ankle bracelet house arrest for suspicion of rape.

I mean, that’s funny. Okay, turn the Dittocam off, and now zoom back out after showing you that hilarious photo.


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