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“If you thought today’s show was bad, I agree with you — and I apologize. It won’t happen again.”

“I understand everybody loves to ride the sled down the hill, but nobody wants to pull the sled up the hill. Ryan is trying to pull the sled up there so everybody gets on, smooth sailing down the hill, pure and simple.”

“Medicare is not the answer to our health care problems, and more Medicare is a recipe for disaster.”

“The Republicans are reluctant to say anything, hoping that the less they say the better off they’ll be, political correctness and so forth, worried about offending somebody. But they do have to do some work on the messaging.”

“The stimulus package not only caused job losses, it continues to cause job losses. The stimulus package is killing the US private sector. It is diminishing it at the expense of government. Government is growing. The private sector is not. And yet, see here, the conventional wisdom is the stimulus worked.”

“What are you liberals supporting when you support Medicare? You’re supporting something that your own people say is doomed. You’re supporting something that is far more punitive than private insurance is. You have this love affair with it because it comes from government, but it is bloated, ineffective, inefficient, and it doesn’t work. And you ought to be thankful that there are responsible people trying to fix it.”

“There isn’t gonna be Medicare for anybody if we don’t fix this, because it can’t go on this way. It’s unsustainable.”

“The Democrats would love for you to think that Medicare reform lost, but it didn’t. Dirty tricks won, pure and simple.”

“You think maybe you people in the media might want to consider a possibility? Maybe the unemployment numbers keep going up because we haven’t yet begun an economic recovery.”

“Paul Ryan hasn’t done one thing to take Medicare away from anybody. Barack Obama has. The Democrats have. The Democrat Party is in the process of destroying Medicare. Paul Ryan is coming along, trying to save it, restructure it so it’s worth something.”

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