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According to news reports, the Regime’s Enforcer – Eric Holder – plans to prosecute Obama’s former political opponent, the Breck Girl. An unnamed source told AP the Department of Justice “has made its decision to move forward” with criminal charges against John Edwards. Other outlets report Edwards could be indicted within days. The source suggested Edwards could cop a plea … to avoid a costly trial.

The former Democrat Senator is suspected of using a million dollars in campaign donations to cover up his affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunter, the mother of his illegitimate child. The affair was ongoing while his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth – now deceased – was on the campaign trail promoting his candidacy.

If Edwards is indicted, he has multiple defense options. He could revive the Clinton strategy. Accuse Eric Holder of being a sex-obsessed pervert prosecutor. He could remind the jury that when it comes to sexual indiscretions, everybody lies – even under oath – to protect their families. He could smear the woman in question. Or, he could go Arnie. Admit he was a cad, and apologize.

Third option. He could defend his actions by claiming there are “Two Americas.” One, where poor people can behave badly in sexual matters and suffer no negative consequence – where single moms are praised as paragons of virtue, and even supported by taxpayers. The other, where wealthy Democrat hypocrites – like himself – are hounded by former political opponents on a personal vendetta.

Hey. Don’t knock it. It could work … in today’s America.

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