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RUSH: I don’t like the idea of letting Medicare collapse. I think it’s already happening. The idea that Medicare is solvent is a joke anyway. Medicare is already busted. Doctors are walking away from it, doctors are leaving it. The whole Medicare-Medicaid system is a joke now. It’s not solvent. It is not healthy. But to sit here and say, okay, let’s just do an Atlas Shrugged on it, if you mean it in the same way, let’s let the Democrats win the election, let’s let the American people find out how bad it is with Democrats. I’m sorry, they’re finding out. But no, we’ve rallied around this fix. You can’t just abandon it after doing that. You just can’t. You got no credibility whatsoever if you don’t. I know you want to say, okay, senior citizens, fine, you’re on your own. I understand that.


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