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RUSH: Folks, I’m telling you look how unsure Obama is. He doesn’t even dare to speak to audiences in the United States now!

He has to go to Europe to find an audience with grownups, and look! He loves hanging around with monarchs. He really envies the Queen. He hopes to be that someday. (He’s gotta learn how to do a toast.) You see that? That’s hilarious. Now, if that had been Bush? (snorts) Well, you know what they’d be doing. The media today for Obama says, “Couldn’t the Queen have bailed him out? Couldn’t the Queen have picked up her glass and clinked his at the time…? Couldn’t she at least have done that?” Let me ask you, you people in the media: If you’re the Queen, and you have been disrespected by this man and his wife since the day they took office, what the hell would you do?

Is everybody supposed to grow up and be bigger just to make sure it goes okay for Obama? The Queen has been known to do this. I don’t remember the exact story, and it may even be legend, but there’s a story out there that Queen or somebody was having dinner in her presence and the guy was just botching every protocol, and it got so bad the Queen started following his lead just to be classy and not have him be embarrassed and so forth. So the media, “Couldn’t she have done that? Look at Obama! He’s just foundering out there. Somebody didn’t brief him properly. Somebody didn’t brief him properly” or what? Or maybe didn’t understand the playbook, or he said, “To hell with it.” I don’t know, but regardless, “Couldn’t she have bailed him out? We feel was so, so, so bad. He was so poorly briefed.” You really have to see this, and you have to look at it two or three times.

The first thing you look at is the Queen, and you note the Queen fully aware of the gaffe that’s taking place here. I mean you do not offer the Queen your glass until the music’s over. You don’t pick up your glass and offer your Queen your glass to toast until the music’s over. He had no teleprompter ’cause you can’t put one in there so he’s got no cards and they’re on the table, and they’re way back so he has to lean over to read every other word of the toast. He blows the word “vitality” at the beginning; he pauses because he’s unsure of himself and the band (for whatever reason) starts playing. My take, when I look at it, I said, “This is like the Academy Awards where some recipient’s gone on and on too long and they give him the hook.” So he continues to give the toast while the band is playing “God Save the Queen.” He finally figures out he should stop that. It’s totally botched.

Here is the audio of that: Buckingham Palace yesterday in London.

OBAMA: Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast: To Her Majesty the Queen. The vit…al…ity of –(band strikes up “God Save the Queen”)

OBAMA: — the special relationship between our peoples and in the words of Shakespeare, “To this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England. To the Queen…

RUSH: At that point he gave up. The Queen’s looking dumbfounded, not looking at him. He’s offering her the glass. She doesn’t clink it. He finally goes on a little longer and he says again “to the Queen,” and they clink glasses and so forth. Now, here’s the media montage. Of course, now, if Bush had done this it would have been portrayed as a horrible breach of protocol, and an international incident, but with Obama it’s everybody else’s fault but his.

JAKE TAPPER: The orchestra mistakenly played the British National Anthem, “God Save the Queen,” before the president was done. He forged on undeterred.

SUNLEN MILLER: Interrupting the President’s toast! Music over his words to the Queen.

CARL QUINTANILLA: The band started up…. Band started up before he was finished with his toast.

ROBERT MOORE: The band struck up the National Anthem too early.

CHIP REID: The special moment turned awkward when the orchestra started playing “God Save the Queen” while the president was still toasting.

ARTHUR AIDALA: Poor Obama! I don’t think he knew what to do.

F. CHUCK TODD: Somebody in the President’s, uh, protocol staff, uh, clearly didn’t brief him well enough.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: She kind of left him hanging. Would it have killed her…?

F. CHUCK TODD: She really did! (chuckles)

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: She could have just said, “To heck with the protocol; I’ll clink your glass.”

RUSH: See? The Queen botched it. The Queen should have understood what was going on. Obama was poorly briefed. (sigh) I’m tired of people making excuses for these people. It’s everybody else’s fault but the Obamas — the worldly, sophisticated Obamas. He seems to be… I mean, “God Save the Queen!” I mean, it’s a national anthem. You shut up. He seems to be unaware that it is standard practice to pipe down and stand at attention when a national anthem is being played. He was the last guy to put his glass down. He was the only guy with his glass up, put his glass down when he finally figured it out and stood at the quasi-attention. Toasts to the Queen by tradition are brief and to the point. Nobody gives speeches. You say, “To Her Majesty the Queen,” and you sit down and you shut up. In fact, I don’t even think it was the fault of the orchestra, because traditionally toasts to the Queen are very short and they’re not much more involved than “To the Queen.” That’s it. I think the band probably figured, “Okay, that’s toast. Let’s get it in gear, here, Lester.” It was kinda funny to watch.

“Mr. Limbaugh, do you really take pride in the embarrassment of the US chief executive?”

Oh, yes. Damn straight I do.


RUSH: I did some research the top of the hour. It is very true, the traditional toast to her majesty is essentially, “To Her Majesty the Queen,” that’s it, and it happens to be when the band kicked in. Now, toasts to Her Royal Majesty are, by tradition, brief, and to the point. They usually amount to little more than “To Her Majesty the Queen.” So it wasn’t the fault of the orchestra that they assumed Obama was finished. And you have to ask yourself, at least I asked myself, “Who is writing Obama’s toasts these days?” Is there anything more shopworn than to praise Britain by quoting this sceptred isle speech by Shakespeare? And I’m not sure he was even that familiar with it as he was reading it. They were getting all over Newt Gingrich here about his, what, $500,000 bill at Tiffany. Any similar questions about Michelle (My Belle) and her wardrobe and her jewelry and who happens to maybe be paying for it? The last I checked Newt was buying his own stuff.


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