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RUSH: Audio sound bites. As I mentioned in the previous hour, the media is doing everything it can to make excuses for poor Obama. The queen should have bailed him out. The orchestra shouldn’t have started. He was poorly briefed by his staff. Today on CNN’s Newsroom before Obama’s address to the British parliament, Wolf Blitzer spoke with Gloria Borger and Suzanne Malveaux about Obama’s upcoming address. Blitzer says, “I’ll be interested if the president says anything at all about the devastation of the tornadoes in Missouri and Oklahoma. I don’t know if it would be appropriate.” Well, you know, Netanyahu did. Netanyahu talked about it before Obama did. But Obama finds his way in, he said, (paraphrasing) “Don’t worry, I’ll be there Sunday. We’re gonna rebuild every house. We’re gonna rebuild every business.” Yeah, like we did in Haiti, like we did in the Porkulus and stimulus, we’re gonna create all these jobs, yeah.

They’re not gonna rebuild every building. They’re not gonna rebuild every house. And a hint for those of you in Joplin, we don’t have the money. We don’t have the money. I saw that Steny Hoyer says we’re not broke. That’s interesting. A $1.6 trillion deficit, $14 trillion national debt, up against the debt ceiling. We’re not broke. The reason he’s saying that is ’cause we’ve got revenue coming in. Tax revenue. You can’t possibly be broke if you’ve got billions and billions and billions of revenue coming in. Broke means you have no income. We’ve got income. He’s making a technical point. Here’s Gloria Borger opining on whether or not it would be appropriate for Obama to reference the victims in Joplin and now other places in the Midwest.

BORGER: It’s always a balancing act when a president travels abroad and something happens at home. We know the president on Sunday is going to go to Missouri and going to visit families who have been affected by these terrible tornadoes, and the president has spoken about it from over there. So when a president travels abroad, he cannot forget what is occurring at home, and that’s first and foremost. And it’s very difficult, Wolf, you see these pictures, President Obama enjoying a barbecue with the prime minister and with veterans. You see them playing paddle ball. These are the kinds of images that really don’t sit well when they’re juxtaposed with people who have seen everything, their homes, their lives ravaged by these tornadoes, and it always is a difficult thing.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Did they ever talk this way about Bush and Katrina? A pointless rhetorical question, of course. (interruption) What Steny Hoyer means, Snerdley, when he says we’re not broke, we still have checks in our checkbook. I can still write a check. That means that I’m not broke. That’s how they define it. So those darn tornadoes, they’re just ruining Obama’s vacation. I mean that’s what Malveaux and Borger basically said, darn tornadoes ruining our guy’s vacation. Jack Cafferty, however, the curmudgeon at CNN is not buying this.

CAFFERTY: What message is conveyed by pictures of President Obama downing a pint of Guinness and laughing it up with the Irish people or playing ping-pong with the British prime minister while the people of Joplin, Missouri, search through the wreckage of their lives looking for dead family members? We have already experienced the worst tornado outbreak in the last 50 years. Meanwhile, we’ve airlifted the first family and that gang that travels with them to Europe for six days of hobnobbing with various heads of state, eating the finest foods, drinking the finest wines, while Mother Nature tears the heart out of innocent people’s lives. Remember Katrina and the pathetic response of the Bush administration to the utter destruction of the city of New Orleans? I can’t help but think that voters remembered well Katrina when they stepped into the booth in 2008 and elected America’s first African-American president.

RUSH: Wolf Blitzer was in a panic. This happened on his show. So Blitzer steps in here to try to save the day.

BLITZER: You know, Jack, he is gonna go there on Sunday after he returns from Europe.

CAFFERTY: I’m aware of that, Wolf.

BLITZER: Okay. Thanks, Jack.

RUSH: Oh. You know, Jack, dial it back a little bit, old buddy. He is going in there on Sunday after he returns. I’m aware of that, Wolf. Okay, thanks, Jack. Just wanted you to know. Tornado’s trying to make Obama look bad, not just talk radio. What’s in store for tornadoes.


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