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RUSH: No, I’m not happy about it, and I’m gonna put a stop to this out there. It’s starting to irritate me here. All this panic over this unheard of New York election yesterday. Get a grip, folks. I’m in a perfectly fine mood here today. Actually I awoke a couple hours earlier than normal. I’m reading a novel I’m having trouble putting down. So I got up early, start reading the book. I’m in a perfectly fine mood. I’m doing show prep, getting ready to come in here. Snerdley storms in at 11 o’clock fuming, smoke coming out of his ears, “Screw it, to heck with it, let’s just let Medicare go broke. Every damn time the media distorts it, they lie about it. Okay, fine, you want Medicare to go broke, I’m tired of seasoned citizens demanding — just let ’em go broke.” I checked the e-mail, it’s the same thing. Over one stupid election in New York that was as big a fraudulent election as there ever has been in terms of the substance of what was on the table. It’s up to me once again to bring calm to a very panicked conservative nation here today, and I’ll do my best at it.

Hi. I am Rush Limbaugh. This is the EIB — (interruption) what? What? It is. Let me put this in perspective for you. You know, you’re falling prey to this notion. What do you expect to happen when we announce a plan to reform Medicare? You know that the Democrats are gonna demagogue it. You know that it’s gonna happen. You know that the media is gonna do everything they can to destroy anybody and everybody behind the plan ’cause all they care about is winning the election. They don’t care about the country, they don’t care about the future of the country. They couldn’t care less about that. They care about winning the election, pure and simple. If they have to lie to do it, they will. So you get upset, why don’t we lie, or why do we tackle these issues? Why don’t we just Milquetoast along here and not do the heavy lifting ’til after we win the election? How come we always pay the price for doing the right thing? How come we always get lied about? How come we always get destroyed doing the right thing?

Is it not interesting, Scott Walker takes on the public unions in Wisconsin. He takes on the budget with cuts. He presses a thoroughly conservative agenda. The unions throw all they have at a Supreme Court candidate in hopes of installing their own hack. They lose despite all of that. But that’s not evidence of a conservative message or trend or anything? So here we have an election in New York, compared to what was going on in Wisconsin, chump change, and the media is trying to say that means the November elections are over. They didn’t matter. People have changed their minds. They don’t want the Republicans anymore. It means that what happened in Wisconsin a few short weeks ago I guess doesn’t matter. People have changed their minds.

The Medicare thing was not even really on the ballot. What you have to understand about this election in New York, it was a Perot election in the sense — and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, probably would serve me well here to inform you. A Democrat won special election for the House seat in upstate New York, Jack Kemp’s old seat. What you won’t hear is that the Republicans would have won by something like 52-47% if there had not been a phony Tea Party candidate who siphoned off 9% of the conservative vote. Did the same thing to Sharron Angle in Nevada. I know what you’re saying, well, they did it, they succeeded, they pulled it off. Yeah, this is a district in New York, the Tea Party guy was a Democrat National Committee stooge. He has run for office three times before as a Democrat. In fact he spent all of his time in this campaign attacking the Republican candidate. He Peroted the Republican candidate. What happened here is the Republican Tea Party voters got confused. Nine percent of them got confused and bought the notion that this was a genuine Tea Party candidate running in New York.

So if you want to look at it in a different way, you can say the voters actually thought they were voting for something other than what ended up happening. But regardless, none of this is unexpected. We’re gonna have to come to grips, folks. We’re gonna have to learn. I don’t know what it’s gonna take. We’re gonna have to learn to accept the fact that no matter what happens in politics, the media is not going to be on our side, and they are going to distort it. We are never going to get the truth about the media in things like that and we’re never going to get a fair shake. And yet we still win elections. November was huge, and it can be again. Nothing is really changed here as far as I’m concerned. We had this election in New York most of the nation wasn’t even paying attention to. The Democrats throw in a phony Tea Party candidate, and somehow we’ve got a referendum on Paul Ryan? Somehow we have a referendum on Medicare reform? Somehow we have a referendum on conservatism?

I know that’s what ABC Radio News is saying, the Drive-Bys all over it are saying. The real problem here, folks, is not that the Democrats and the media are saying it, because they are predictable. The Republican establishment is also saying it. That remains our problem. You’ve now got people, part of the inside-the-Beltway Republican ruling class elites now saying because of this election it’s too big a bite to chew at one time. Paul Ryan shouldn’t have chewed such a bite. These people are not helpful. They are the biggest obstacle we face. Well, it’s not the biggest obstacle. It’s just the reality. We have two opponents. We have the media and the Democrats, and we have Republican liberals, Republican moderates. And I think what might have some people distressed, depressed, and in a panic is there seems to be such cowardice on the Republican side, such a willingness on the Republican side to accept this phony narrative that we know the media and the Democrats are going to put out.

But this election was not about Medicare. In fact, we got a sound bite from Paul Ryan on this. This is on Fox & Friends this morning, and he was responding to the results and the spin in the election New York-26 last night. Gretchen Carlson said, “How would you respond to Kathy Hochul about the fact that she fought on the backs not of seniors but on saving entitlements?”

RYAN: I guess she’s against Obamacare then. That must be she’s for repealing the President’s health care law because the President’s health care law takes $500 billion from Medicare to spend on Obamacare, and starting next year, puts a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats in charge of rationing and price controlling Medicare, which the Medicare actuary tells us about 40% of Medicare providers are going to stop taking Medicare now. What’s happening here, is, first of all, you had a Democrat running as a Tea Party, spending a couple million dollars of his own money, that obviously made this a difficult race. The Medicare story here is the President and his party decided to shamelessly demagogue this issue.

RUSH: Okay, now, Ryan is not giving up, and it’s his head that’s on the chopping block. Paul Ryan is in the crosshairs and he’s not giving up. Now, just to show you, nobody can tell me how to pronounce this woman’s name. That’s what scant attention people were paying to this. Dawn, did you know that there was an election in New York-26 last night? Brian, did you know? Snerdley, did you know? Well, you want to know something? I didn’t know. I did not even know there was an election in New York yesterday. I’m told she pronounces her name Hochul, the emphasis on the first syllable. Hochul is the winner. I got up today and that’s why I’m doubly feeling ambushed. I didn’t even know this election was on the ballot. I didn’t even know it was happening. No, I’m not afraid to admit that. This doesn’t matter. This is not relevant to the 2012 election. She ran on Medicare in a Republican heavy district with a phony Tea Party guy in siphoning 9% of — if the phony Tea Party guy is not in, she loses. The Democrats found a wealthy fraud to run in. “But Mr. Limbaugh, doesn’t that tell you that it can happen every election because your Tea Party people could be fooled by everybodywho thinksthey’re in the Tea Party?” That could be problematic. But in terms of the substance of the issue, Medicare reform did not lose. Election fraud won, or trickery tomfoolery or what have you.

One more from Ryan. Here’s Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends. “What we’ve seen is the Democrats use the threat of your plan, you want to fix Medicare, they’re using that as the bogeyman to get people to vote for ’em. So going forward, Congressman, is what is yesterday in New York, is that a preview of coming attractions?”

RYAN: It’s a preview of scare tactics, distortions, demagoguery, to try and scare seniors to voting for them. And the irony of it is, we’re the ones who are actually protecting Medicare, current benefits for current seniors. They’re the ones that passed the law that actually compromises their Medicare and allows the program to collapse. So we have a year and a half, I believe in a year and a half’s time the truth will get out, the facts will be known. Whenever I do town hall meetings and discuss this with seniors at senior centers, once they understand the facts, they want these solutions. They want to make sure that the promise that government made them is kept, which is what we’re doing, and that the program is solvent for their children and grandchildren, which is what we’re doing. That’s contrasted to the president’s plan.

RUSH: The alternative is to just do nothing and let it go broke. Just do nothing, let it go broke and then let people find out what they get with Democrats. That’s kind of like letting the Democrats win every election so that people finally figure out how rotten they are. Isn’t that happening? Don’t we have the epitome of how bad things can get running the show right now? It is galvanizing people as it did last November. So fearmongering won. Not anything substantive on Medicare or cuts or what have you. Again, just to reiterate, the problematic thing for me is these wishy-washy Republicans who live and die in the Beltway with media approval, live and die being liked by the media, live and die being accepted by the media. So you’ll have these people come out, like they are and, “Well, Ryan bit off too big a bite here. This is too much. Need to go about this gradually,” and whether or not they’re advancing the cause is irrelevant. Whether they’re praised by the leaders of the big clique inside the Beltway is what matters to them.

By the way, this Hochul babe is a carpetbagger to boot. She doesn’t even live in the district. And for the record, by the way, this woman attacked the $500 billion that Obama cut from Medicare. She attacked it, was making Paul Ryan’s case. So in effect you could say that it was a referendum on Obamacare because part of her campaign was to rip the $500 billion cuts in Medicare that is in Obamacare.

Anyway, sit tight, my friends. Don’t doubt me. You can invest your trust here. You have two options. Two options to just tune out, say, “Oh, the hell with it, to heck with it,” or hang in there, be tough. Up to you, whatever you want to do.


RUSH: This New York election, there’s another thing that you… Well, that I want to say. Not so much you have to understand. (I don’t like speaking that way.) But I will say this. I get all kinds of e-mails and complaints about the media. I don’t know what to say, folks. I really don’t know what to tell you. The media is who it is. Telling me that the media is unfair is like telling me the sun came up. What do you want me to do about it? They are who they are. I’ll tell you, most of what the media is trying to do here in this New York election is simply to reassure the Ruling Class that they have nothing to fear. That’s really what they’re doing.

They’re lying to themselves about what this election was!

I got headline after headline. The New York Times: “Democrat Wins GOP Seek, Rebuke Seen to Medicare.” AP: “Medicare Key to Shocking Dem Win in New York House Race.” “Hopeful Signs for Democrats,” New York Times again. Politico: “Have Democrats Cracked the Code for 2012?” They’re the ones that are in panic! They’re the ones that got a president with an indefensible record. They’re the ones that have a president who doesn’t know how to give a toast without a teleprompter. They’re the ones that got a president sitting over there in Great Britain while the Midwest gets tornadoed to death. They’re the ones that are seriously worried.

I’ve told you: I’ve talked to people who’ve seen the White House reelect numbers for Obama. They’re bad. They are the ones who are worried; they are the ones that don’t have a budget; they are the ones who haven’t taken anything seriously; they are the ones who have nothing to advance. All they have is lies, dirty tricks, and distortions. They’re the ones who are worried about 2012. So all of this reporting, all of this spin on this election is an effort on the part of media to reassure themselves and the Democrat Party Ruling Class that everything’s okay. But look at JoAnne Kloppenburg. Remember this race for the Supreme Court seat in the state of Wisconsin? JoAnne Kloppenburg originally won, or came very close. She was gonna have a recount, the Democrat.

She ended up losing 7,000 votes when they found some votes in the precinct. “Oh, yeah? Well, we’ll forget about that! We’re not gonna report that anymore. Yeah. Forget, forget, forget! Yeah. Yeah. That didn’t happen.” They just stopped telling you about it. The entire Wisconsin scenario was a huge conservative win for Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans; they just stopped reporting it. That has them scared to death, though. So you have New York-26 here, District 26, and a win, and so it’s orgasm time — as they try to reassure themselves that they’re not in trouble, as they try to reassure themselves that they have nothing to fear. They can listen to Pelosi and they can forget all about this Tea Party nonsense.

Yep, folks, the Tea Party’s finished! Tea Party’s over. Obama’s gonna win with 80% of the vote. Yep, yep, that’s what this means.

That’s what they’re telling themselves.

Don’t doubt me.


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