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“One of my earliest philosophical pronouncements from the earliest days of this program: ‘Words mean things.’ We live in a time when many politicians utter words that are meant to beguile and fool, not communicate properly.”

“I, in a small way, as a conservative, relate to Israel. Surrounded, mischaracterized, blamed for things I’m not doing; blamed for things I don’t think. Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.”

“I’m getting weary of the media and pundits telling us how weak the Republican field is. Every single one of the current and potential Republican candidates is far more qualified and has far more work and real life experience than Mr. Obama had before he decided to throw his stovepipe hat in the ring.”

“One of the greatest perks and benefits of my success is that I’ve been able to meet people who are the best at what they do, who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. That’s a rare opportunity, and it’s inspiring in and of itself.”

“The stimulus bill was to protect and build and shore up the infrastructure of the Democrat Party almost exclusively.”

“The stock market was down 170 points about this time yesterday, maybe a little bit before the program started, was down 170 points. A friend of mine sends me an instant message, ‘Why? Normally the stock market goes up whenObama leaves the country.’ And I said, ’cause they knowhe’s coming back. That’s why the market is down. They know he’s coming back.'”

“Newt was on CNBC today and tore ’em a new one. It was the old vintage Newt. It was the Newt Gingrich that everybody remembers.”

“Liberals are liberals first, and you can confront them with all of the damning truth that you can muster, and it won’t move ’em. It depends on who tells them. The truth can be the truth, but if the wrong persons tells you, you’ll discount it.”

“I have a personal affection for Netanyahu. I think he’s great, and he’s getting better, he’s maturing. He’s plainly spoken. He’s just good at what he does.”

“It’s a real treat to watch a professional at work.”

“The big difference between the mob and the government is that when the mob has collected what you owe them, they leave you alone. The government doesn’t.”

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