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RUSH: To the audio sound bites. It was just yesterday on this program and behind this (tapping mic) the Golden EIB Microphone, that I, El Rushbo — you engineers, you hate it when I do that, just destroys the VU meters. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I told you with Mitch Daniels saying no mas, no mas, I said the powerful forces of the moderates and the RINOs, the Republican Party, would immediately begin their effort to push Jon Huntsman to the top tier of Republican presidential nominees. Jon Huntsman Jr., former ambassador to the ChiComs for Obama, moderate Republican, had lunch with George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush in Kennebunkport yesterday. Gotta find somebody in there that can be a moderate, that the Republican establishment can own and control. Keep a sharp eye. Gonna hear Huntsman very soon here.

Well, it didn’t take long. Last night on Charlie Rose on PBS, TIME Magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin and Bloomberg News Washington executive editor Al Hunt were talking about the Republican presidential race. Charlie Rose said, “Who could beat the president if they get the nomination? Who is the most likely Republican to be able to run the toughest race?” Here’s Mark Halperin.

HALPERIN: I think Huntsman, based on what I saw this weekend and based on his record, I think has the potential to be the one who the White House would be and should be the most worried about, the potential to be that.

ROSE: You share that?

HUNT: I do. I do think he would probably be the toughest general election candidate and I think the White House thinks that.

RUSH: So Mark Halperin, liberal journalist, Al Hunt, liberal journalist, “Oh, yeah, Huntsman.” See, folks, in one day, out of nowhere, Huntsman, that’s who the White House is afraid of. Now, Sunday, the White House was scared to death of Mitch Daniels. Last week the White House was scared to death of Mitch Daniels. That’s who they didn’t want to face; that’s what they told us. In one day it’s now Huntsman. Both Halperin and Hunt are convinced the White House is already quaking in their boots so much Obama might return from Europe early. Well, no, they didn’t say that, but I mean…

Hey, could we send some of these California prisoners to Club Gitmo? We’re not shutting that place down. (interruption) Alcatraz? Nah, it’s a nostalgic thing. It’s not a facility suitable. It’s too big of a tourist destination anyway. So here the Pimpstream Media is already putting all their money on Huntsman. Yeah, Pimpstream Media. I mean, do I know these people? I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body. In 24 hours they bear me out. Romney is the guy to catch right now simply because of money. Romney, name recognition, polling data, but the Pimpstream Media, and I mean that, they want somebody… Halperin and Hunt, they don’t really want somebody in there that can challenge Obama. Halperin and Hunt are both gonna vote for Obama. They don’t want somebody that’s gonna make Obama look bad. They don’t want somebody in there that’s gonna really challenge him. Al Hunt was asked by Charlie Rose, “Tell me the significance of Mitch Daniels deciding not to run and then tell me why.”

HUNT: I’m a big Mitch Daniels fan. I think Mitch Daniels would have been a good president. I don’t think he would have been as formidable a candidate as some people who wanted him to run thought he would be. I always found it difficult to see how Mitch could have gotten the nomination.

RUSH: Okay, now Al Hunt is free to say what he always thought, Mitch Daniels would have been a fine president for him, and Al Hunt’s a liberal, but he never woulda won, he wouldn’t have gotten the nomination. Free to say that now. (laughing) See how this works?


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