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RUSH: Okay, so you’re upset at the money we spend or give Israel every year. Try this. “Thousands of companies –” and, by the way, this is an AP story, and they are totally unfazed by this, and this, to me, is one of the stories of the day. If it weren’t for Netanyahu being here, if it weren’t for Obama going to Ireland and Europe, if it weren’t for the tornadoes in Joplin, this would be a huge story. “Thousands of companies that cashed in on President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package owed the government millions in unpaid taxes, congressional investigators have found.” You see, in terms of the way AP wrote this, Obama didn’t give these companies, these organizations, money that they should never have gotten. They cashed in. That’s how you write about slush funds. They cashed in.

So the slush fund, the stimulus bill directed money at organizations and companies that owed back taxes. In other words, the government, the regime forgave these organizations and companies their back taxes by paying them the money that they owed. “The Government Accountability Office, in a report being released today, said at least 3,700 government contractors and nonprofit organizations that received more than $24 billion from the stimulus effort owed $757 million in back taxes as of Sept. 30, 2009, the end of the budget year.” So 3,700 contractors and nonprofits, organizations, owed a grand total of $757 million, and collectively they got $24 billion.

So they got enough money to pay their back taxes, and then some, and then some more, and then some more. It’s $24 billion to pay off $757 million. So they still had $22 billion left over to play with, government contractors and nonprofits. I wonder what they had in common besides being tax cheats? Might they have been contributors to the Democrat Party? Maybe they had been foot soldiers? Maybe they helped get-out-the-vote? Maybe they were part of the reelect effort somehow, and so their back taxes were not only forgiven, but they got your taxpayer dollars given to them so they could pay their back taxes. I suspect so because none of them are named in this story. We don’t know who. Why aren’t we told the names of these companies and these nonprofit organizations by this unfazed Associated Press?

I’m telling you, my guess — and it’s a good one — is that we’re not getting the names because we would learn that they are major contributors to the Democrat Party. I’ll betcha some of the people who got money from the stimulus to pay their back taxes have names that rhyme with SEIU or ACORN or Planned Parenthood or AARP. Given that so much of the stimulus money went to public sector unions –and we now know it did –we’ve given you the numbers out of Wisconsin, 80% of the money Wisconsin got went to public employee unions, stimulus money. While we were all told that this was to create private sector jobs, roads and bridges, schools, infrastructure, a giant snow job. And what we learn keeps making it worse.

Now, according to this report, it isn’t even illegal for companies that cheat on their taxes to get more government money. AP made sure to find out. AP made sure to find out, and they made sure to report, hey, by the way, if you’re thinking this is illegal, no, no, it’s not, President Obama clean and pure as the wind-driven snow on this. There’s no illegality here. Let’s move on. Sometimes the most criminal things are the things that aren’t criminal. Now, do you know anybody who got a government contract or a grant from the stimulus? I don’t. I don’t know one person. Now, I may know them but they haven’t told me. But to my knowledge, I don’t know anybody who got a government contract or a grant from the stimulus, personally.

But note this: Only 13 out of these 3,700 organizations are going to get any further investigation of the IRS. We have 3,700 tax cheats. They were given aggregately $24 billion in stimulus money. They only owed a total of $757 million, they got $24 billion added together, and only 13 of them are going to be further investigated, 13 out of 3,700. And where was Sheriff Joe on this, Vice President Bite Me? He was put in charge of making sure there wasn’t any corruption in the way the stimulus money was doled out. How could this have gotten past such a razor sharp mind as Plugs Biden’s? But if it wasn’t before, it is now, painfully clear that Obama really did use the stimulus to rebuild the infrastructure of the Democrat Party and to make sure that people who donate to the Democrat Party didn’t lose their jobs. That’s what it was.

We’re in the middle of a recession, Obama, utilizing panic and Armageddon in order to get this stimulus bill passed, in effect creates a slush fund to help his buddies, pay ’em back for their work on the campaign. A lot of these great Americans owed back taxes. They don’t any longer because they got stimulus money. (interruption) Well, that’s a good point. We don’t know that they used it to pay it back. They may still owe the taxes. They may not have paid the back taxes. If it were me, I would. But knowing full well that I am being forgiven and forgotten at the same time, why pay the back taxes?

“The report said the tax delinquents accounted for nearly 6 percent of the 63,000 contractors and grantees examined and cautioned that the real number might be higher because the known tax debt does not measure such factors as income underreporting. The IRS called it ‘an extreme case of noncompliance.'”

So there you have it, just to sum up, thousands of companies, 3,700 of them, government contractors and nonprofits, owed a total of $757 million in back taxes. Those 3,700 companies received a total of $24 billion from the stimulus that you thought was being spent to help you find work, create jobs in the private sector. So $24 billion given to 3,700 companies that owed $757 million in back taxes. Tax cheats got $24 billion from Obama’s stash. That would be the story of the day were all these other things not happening to hide this news and make it bottom of the barrel.


RUSH: Okay, so Israel gets between four and five billion dollars a year from the United States. Obama supporting tax cheats got $24 billion from the stimulus plan, and they owed back taxes. And you want talk to me about Israel being a welfare queen?


RUSH: I wonder if Reverend Sharpton’s group, the National Action Network, I wonder if they got some of the stimulus money. You know, they owe back taxes. Reverend Sharpton owes some back taxes. I wonder if he got some of Obama’s stash. They owe millions in back taxes out there.

Still waiting on or cutting the Benjamin Netanyahu speech, joint meeting of Congress today. I got some e-mails during the break that I looked at: “Why are you spending so much time on Netanyahu and his speech, Israel and all that?” They’re life lessons here, folks.

We’ve got other things in the news. Giuliani thinking about getting in the race now. Rudy G. Well, he’s flirting with it. Newt was on CNBC today and tore ’em a new one. It was the old vintage Newt. It was the Newt Gingrich that everybody remembers. So many other things here to discuss, but yeah, what’s the question?

Snerdley, official program observer with a question, what’s the question? Okay, the question is how do government contractors, nonprofits, owe back taxes and not go to jail and people like Wesley Snipes doesn’t pay his taxes and goes to jail? Well, in Wesley Snipes’ case, he fought ’em and lost. He went to court. He disputed the fact that he owed the money. He lost. He refused to pay, and thereby goes to jail. But the correct answer to the question is, there isn’t any fairness or equity across the board on taxes. I mean not every tax cheat gets caught, not everybody is audited. They can only audit some people, and so a lot of people get away with it.

The IRS would just as soon strike a deal with you if you owed taxes to get the money rather than put you in jail. In that sense they’re the like the mob. I mean the last thing they do is kill you. If the loan shark kills you it means it’s time for other clients of theirs to be sent a message. But they’d rather keep you alive because only then can you have any chance of paying them what you owe them. You can’t if you’re dead.

Now, when it comes to these nonprofits and so forth, you know, look at all these companies that have sprung up now that will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. One of them, one of the best ones is a sponsor on this program. So there are a lot of people in this situation and there’s nothing to say that these nonprofits and the defense contractors were getting away with it. They owed it. We don’t know from the story even who they were. They weren’t identified. Therefore we also don’t know if they were in the process of negotiating with the IRS to pay something back. We don’t know any of that. They could well have been. Don’t think it was forgiven. If you’re asking me why is the IRS leaving them alone and not others, they’re not leaving ’em alone. The very fact they owe back taxes is proof that the IRS is not leaving them alone.

The only way it is known that anybody owes back taxes is if the IRS has audited you and decided that you do owe back taxes, which means you are in the midst of an ongoing dispute or conversation with them. That’s what makes this doubly reprehensible. These defense contractors or government contractors and nonprofits were caught. The IRS discovered that they owed taxes in the process here of trying to get the money from ’em. And here comes the guardian angel, Barack Obama, taking money that he told us was earmarked for us to create jobs in our private sector. Instead that money is going to his donors. That stimulus money, I’m telling you, was a giant money laundering scheme. And so stimulus money ended up going to people who owe back taxes but they had no doubt been favorably disposed towards Obama.

I guarantee you they got rid of the IRS with the money. If these 3,700 organizations and contractors owed a total between them of $757 million, and they collectively got $24 billion, I guarantee you they all paid their taxes and they’re free and clear. That makes it even doubly offensive and reprehensible, ’cause their back taxes and probably penalties and interest were paid from stimulus money. And now they got a clean slate.

It’s a good thing the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon’s, a Democrat, otherwise Obama would not go there. We had wildfire destruction in Texas. The governor there, Rick Perry, asks for federal disaster help, and the regime says no purely because Texas is a red state, didn’t vote for Obama. That’s the answer. People don’t want to accept it, but it is the answer. Jay Nixon of Missouri is a Democrat. Missouri, swing state, could go either way.

Claire McCaskill, if she runs, is in a tight race. Obama is gonna go in there, albeit six days from now, or five days from now but he is nevertheless gonna go in there. So it really was. The stimulus bill was to protect and build and shore up the infrastructure of the Democrat Party almost exclusively. The big difference between the mob and the government is that when the mob has collected what you owe them, they leave you alone. The government doesn’t. They continue to hound you. They come back at you year after year after year. I’ve been audited every year. Now my US federal gift tax returns are being audited, for five years. It’s a constant thing and I’ve yet to be found in arrears. But they keep searching.


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