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Watch Obama’s limo bottom out right there. It bottomed out on the driveway. Poor old Barry O’Bama from Moneygall — you know, the O’Bamas are from Ireland. Look at that. You watch. Everybody’s gonna get out of the car and figure out, “What do we do now?” Because everybody in that car right now is a sitting duck. Here come the doors, driver looking around, “What do we do now?” I don’t know how they got the car off of there. The video that I saw earlier, and I don’t know… (interruption) No, Snerdley, come on! I don’t know what side Michelle was sitting on. That doesn’t even matter. Why are you asking me that?


RUSH: Okay, apparently what happened here is that the O’Bamas got into another limo to continue on with their journey. They had to leave the Beast sitting there. They’re gonna have to get a tow truck and raise the thing up. I can’t believe this. Some heads are gonna roll over this. With all the advanced planning, they didn’t take the limo and see if they could get it in and out of there? With all the advanced planning that they do here? You know, folks, there are no accidents; there are no coincidences. Obama’s Beast limo bottoms out on a return to his ancestral home? They want us to believe that? (laughs) Just like his policies are bottoming out the United States!


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