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“If anybody looks at African-Americans in this country as inferior and incompetent, it’s the American left and the Democrat Party.”

“You could fill a book with what Obama doesn’t know or what he’s naive about. In fact, he’s done that. He’s filled two books with what he doesn’t know: His autobiographies!”

“With all the anti-American rhetoric we get from the left, how come they’re never blamed for any of these numerous attacks we’ve seen on our soldiers around the world?”

“This president obviously has a chip on his shoulder, several chips, and one has to do with race.”

“Ralph Nader has been peddling some form of Marxism in different vehicles, for the last half century.”

“Mark my words: This NFL business is all gonna get worked out. They’re not gonna miss any games that matter. It just isn’t gonna happen. Now, you probably say, ‘Well, Rush, you’re the only guy saying that.’ That’s RIGHT!”

“I’ve been told for two years by a number of the owners: ‘Yes, there’s gonna be a lockout. Damn right!”

“Why don’t we pipe EIB into all those countries in the Middle East? All around the world. We’re the real voice of America anyway. We change people’s minds every day. We present real news here every day. Even Hillary knows that.”

“I have parodied Bill Clinton and I have parodied Mrs. Clinton and I have parodied John Kerry and I have parodied Joe Bite Me and a number of other people. If they’re liberals, they’re targets. It doesn’t matter if they’re from Mars to me. It’s just I have the courage not to leave the African-Americans out of it.”

“My equal time is to satire and parody EVERYTHING in the news no matter who is making it.”

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