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RUSH: Steve in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Rush, Paul Ryan (unintelligible), and the Obama White House knows he can be beaten by him. This trusty White House, they’re really scared of Paul Ryan. He was on David Gregory’s show yesterday, and David Gregory went after him like a rabid pit bull, and Paul Ryan hung in there. They would never have gone after Obama like that. Paul Ryan is a million times better looking than Obama. He’s a million times smarter. The guy’s principled. He’s really stitched by this whole — it’s not just about Medicare, it’s about his whole budget cut thing. Ryan is real Reagan conservative, and he’s the future, and the future is now. I don’t know why we’re waiting. We fooled around with Mitch Daniels, this Chris Christie, who doesn’t believe in immigration, he’s an open border guy, the guy’s for cap and trade, the guy is terrible, he wants Obamacare, his —

RUSH: Well, now, let me stop with you, Steve, because you’re onto something, except Ryan has said again, he’s not running for president this year. By the way, I did understand the guy right, he’s for Paul Ryan, that caller, right? (laughing) He says he might run some other time, but not now. And, Steve, the reason is he’s serious about shepherding the budget through the House. He’s serious about it. But they are scared of Paul Ryan.

I am holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a Politico story: “GOP Ignored Ryan Plan Red Flags — It might be a political time bomb — that’s what GOP pollsters warned as House Republicans prepared for the April 15 vote on Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget, with its plan to dramatically remake Medicare. No matter how favorably pollsters with the Tarrance Group or other firms spun the bill in their pitch — casting it as the only path to saving the beloved health entitlement for seniors — the Ryan budget’s approval rating barely budged above the high 30s or its disapproval below 50 percent, according to a Republican operative familiar with the presentation.”

I’ll tell you, it’s amazing the number of unnamed Republicans who are bleeding all over The Politico, destroying and taking out other Republicans. And now they’re taking out Paul Ryan. So an unnamed Republican calls Politico and says, “Yeah, yeah, you know the dirty little secret is, Ryan’s budget sucks, it doesn’t poll well, everybody hates it.” “The poll numbers on the plan were so toxic … that staffers with the National Republican Congressional Committee warned leadership, ‘You might not want to go there’ in a series of tense pre-vote meetings.” So they’re trying to just scare every Republican possible away from the Ryan budget now.


RUSH: AP has a poll by the way out today that says everybody hates the Paul Ryan plan, everybody hates it and as part of the AP story, in addition to everybody hating the Ryan plan, guess what? Medicare doesn’t even have to be cut. Most Americans say in the AP poll that, no, we don’t need to cut Medicare and we don’t need to do anything with Social Security. There’s nothing wrong with either. Right there in the AP poll.


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