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RUSH: Listen to this. I love when we have outrageous humor to help kick off the program. This is a montage of State-Controlled Media discussing Obama and his arrival in Ireland.

ROMANS: President Obama is getting back to his roots.

PLANTE: Mr. Obama’s Irish roots.

KEILAR: The President traces his Irish roots back here.

MCSHANE: He plans to celebrate his own Irish roots.

BERRY: President Obama’s expected to explore his family’s Irish roots.

VIEIRA: The first stop, Ireland, where he explore his ancestral roots.

O’DONNELL: The Irish eyes are smiling today. The people here are overjoyed that Obama has Irish roots and that he’s gonna visit his ancestral home.

RUSH: Ha. It just doesn’t get any better. He’s going to Ireland to visit his ancestral home! His Irish roots. The last Kennedy brother. There you have it, my friends. The last Kennedy brother. By the way, speaking of the Kennedys and all that, Irish politicians, I don’t know about you, I am getting tired of seeing stories about how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelities are proof that he’s finally become a Kennedy. I mean I mentioned that as a joke last week but there are people out there actually trying to make this serious. If Arnold were a real Kennedy he would have drowned the maid. The maid is still alive. Media Tweak of the Day number one. Psst, don’t tell anybody.

And now there’s a story, where did I see this? Gee, I don’t know. It might be the New York Post or something. Apparently when Arnold was running for governor his own supporters hired that hotshot PI, Pellicano, to dig deep to find out what was there so that they would be ready for it, kind of like Arnold’s version of the bimbo eruptions. Pellicano did a psychological profile of Schwarzenegger, and what they found was that he has a preference for comparatively unattractive women because he wants to be the beautiful one in the relationship. He wants to be the focus. He wants to be the one with the great body. He wants to be the one adored for good looks. This is what his own team produced. This is not opposition research. This is his own team. There’s a story he was filming True Lies down in Mexico, and he had a woman shipped down there to have weekend trysts with, and all of the females that were part of the crew, the actresses and so forth were perfectly willing and able to join Arnold in his trailer but he wasn’t interested.

He brought down a woman who by comparison, according to this story, was Ms. Average, and it just ticked ’em off. In the psychological profile Arnold said that the kind of women he liked were far more receptive to fawning attention, they were far more appreciative than gorgeous women were of being tended to in a royal fashion, being treated well, said the gorgeous women expect it and it wasn’t any big deal, it was no thrill, and it reminded me of that song back in the sixties, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, better make an ugly woman your life.” Remember that, Snerdley? The actress Jane Seymour says she knows of other offspring. But all this talk about Arnold being a Kennedy. Look, it was a joke, folks. These women still live.

So Obama, Irish roots — he-he-he-he — his ancestral home. The people of Ireland ecstatic, they say, according to the media montage that we had. It just never ends.


RUSH: Dublin, Ireland, we got somebody from Ireland on the phone. Justin, great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing, Rush? Mega dittos from Dublin.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Listen, I just wanted to give you a bit of perspective about what’s going on on the ground here. I live halfway between the American embassy, halfway between Trinity College Dublin, which is right adjacent to College Green where the president’s gonna be speaking —

RUSH: Let me ask you a quick question out there, Justin.


RUSH: I just watched a funny video. This is probably gonna tick off people, too. But Obama’s motorcade was leaving the American embassy —


RUSH: — and he was in his tank and it bottomed out over a speed bump.

CALLER: Yeah, the Beast bottomed out.

RUSH: The Beast bottomed out over a speed bump.


RUSH: It was hilarious.

CALLER: Well, the American embassy, next to the British embassy, is one of the most heavily guarded embassies in town, and the American embassy kind of just down below the road, and there’s these, you know, barriers that will pop up so either the Beast got stuck on a barrier or the grade was too great, but either way, yeah, he just sat there.

RUSH: Yeah, he was a sitting duck in there. The driver gets out, a bunch of people —

CALLER: It’s supposed to be impenetrable to attack as well, so I don’t know what that means.

RUSH: Well, it is pretty armored. It is. The thing only top-ends at 60 miles an hour.


RUSH: It weighs so much.

CALLER: Speaking of the motorcade, my wife this morning is trying to cross the road to get groceries, and all of Northumberland Road that leads to the embassy is blocked off with barricades. And she said, “Honey, the motorcade is going by.” And I said, “Well, is there many people there?” And she said, “The only people on the side of the road are those trying to cross and go to the grocery store.” So that was this morning. I’m sure the enthusiasm —

RUSH: Oh, I’m sure the enthusiasm’s picked up, as soon as the Irish people understand that the president’s there discovering his roots.

CALLER: Absolutely, and isn’t that the kind of contradiction that it takes so long to find the long-form birth certificate, but you can trace your Irish roots back to Moneygall and —

RUSH: (laughing.)

CALLER: And let me tell you, listen, I’m in the archives. I’m a Ph.D. student in history at Trinity College. I’m in the archives all the time and you get many, many Americans coming in looking for records of their Irish roots, you know, convinced that their family left a certain parish at a certain time and the archivist simply turn them away and say, “Listen, you don’t have a parish number. You don’t have the date of birth, marriage certificate.” So it’s actually quite difficult to find your Irish roots.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, apparently he’s found ’em. And I’m told that Obama says — and, Justin, I don’t know what this is, you’re gonna have to tell me — Obama says his ancestral home is Moneygall.


RUSH: Irish home. What is Moneygall?

CALLER: Moneygall, my expertise in the Irish language is not that at all, but Moneygall would be a small parish village, as I understand it, in the County of Offaly, which is kind of in the middle of Ireland. And I haven’t looked into it simply out of disinterest of the story other than that, but apparently some genealogists dug up that his family emigrated from that area and informed him of it and that’s it, but Marine One was flying him here there and everywhere.

RUSH: Is it hard to get to?

CALLER: No, not by helicopter. I mean driving might take a little while but you gotta remember Ireland is only physically the size of Michigan, which is where I’m originally from.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But with the helicopter you can zoom anywhere.

RUSH: Interesting. Well, Justin, I appreciate it.

CALLER: Yeah, no problem.

RUSH: So there we have an on-the-spot witness eyeball account that at one point the crowds were not all that big nor enthusiastic, and that the Beast did indeed bottom out over the speed bump.

By the way, I talked to Trump and I asked him if his investigators are still in Hawaii, and he said they weren’t. They were gone. But I was gonna pay him to see if perhaps we could find Netanyahu birth certificate records there.


RUSH: All right. This place that Obama’s from in Ireland, did you know he’s from Ireland? He is from Ireland today. It’s called Moneygall, M-o-n-e-y-g-a-l-l, Moneygall. His great-great-great-grandfather was from there, town of 289 people. He actually said that he comes from a long line of Obamas in Ireland. Grandfather’s name was Kearney, from the long line of Irish Obamas. Yeah. And, by the way, in this speech he has yet to have a shout out to the people of Joplin, Missouri, or — (interruption) what is it, Mr. Snerdley? Is he going to trace whose ancestry? Well, Hussein is part of the ancestry. Didn’t he do that when he went to Cairo?

I did not know that the Obamas were from Ireland. I learned something new today that I didn’t know, that the Obamas trace themselves back to Moneygall, town of 289 people. Falmouth Kearney was his great-great-great grandfather’s name. No, he was not a community organizer. He was a shoemaker. Falmouth Kearney was a shoemaker. His youngest daughter, Mary Ann, moved from Indiana to Kansas after her father’s death in 1878. Mary Ann Kearney is the paternal grandmother of Stanley Dunham, President Obama’s maternal grandfather. And this is how you get the long line of Obamas from Ireland. But not one shout out to the people of Joplin, Missouri, or any of the people whose lives have been destroyed over the last few days.


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