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RUSH: All right, let me make it crystal clear. The Palestinian right of return, just so everybody understands this, the Palestinian demand for right of return asserts that Palestinian refugees, both first generation refugees and their descendants, have a right to return, a right to the property they or their forebears left or which they were forced to leave in the former British mandate of Palestine, which is currently Israel and the Palestinian territories as the result of 1948 Palestinian war. The complicating factor is there really is no such thing as Palestine. It’s been created for the sake of this argument or this dispute, and there never were Palestinians. But there are now, of course, for the sake of prolonging, servicing, and animating this dispute.

So now that Obama has taken away Israel’s borders chip by himself asserting that Israel return to its 1967 borders, the right of return is the only thing left to negotiate over, and it really isn’t possible to negotiate, since it would effectively spell the end of Israel as a nation since we’re talking about five, six million people. Palestine was created by British mandate way, way, way back, 1922. Now, I’ll give you a modern-day analogy — it’s a little flawed, but it still works — the Cuban exile community in Miami firmly believes that if the Castro regime ever is done away with, defeated, sent packing, they have the right to return to what was their property, both land and assets in Cuba, that nobody else gets it.

You could also call that a right of return, although that’s not a formal negotiating term, obviously, but it’s the same point. They would and they are operating under that belief system that if Cuba ever does go free again, that first dibs on what was Cuba is theirs. For those of you who smoke Cuban cigars, we can give you a similar analogy. A lot of people assume that, let’s say the embargo is lifted and the Cuban regime is still there, people assume that Cuban manufactured cigars will simply all of a sudden show up in tobacco stores. That is not what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen is that the Dominican, Nicaraguan, other manufacturers of cigars around the world are going to say, “Wait a second, we have spent all these decades developing our brands and our trademarks and we’re simply not gonna let those same marks from Cuba show up and compete with us,” and they’re going to say we want first dibs on raw Cuban tobacco, to do with it what we want, either blend it with our existing tobacco from the Dominican or wherever it comes from.

It’s gonna be a mess. The State Department will be petitioned by any number of Cuban exiles for a right to return to what was theirs that was taken from them by the Castro regime. As I say, it’s a little bit of a flawed analogy but the right of return is pretty self-explanatory when you understand what is meant by it, that about four and a half, five million people think they were kicked off their land, they want the right to return to it, in effect ending Israel. So it’s a nonstarter. There will never be a right of return agreed to by Israel. The Palestinians will never give up the demand. So with that hanging out there, you can talk ’67 borders all you want, you can talk every other aspect of this dispute all you want. Until that’s resolved, there will be no, quote, unquote, peace. It just isn’t gonna happen. Best I can do in explaining it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I was misinformed. The British mandate for Palestine dates back to 1922. I was getting confused with the date of the charter of the formation of Israel. The British mandate for Palestine dates back to 1922, and it was meant to be payback for Arab help in World War I.


RUSH: Shalom, Cleveland, Ohio, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Proud Jewish Republican dittos from Cleveland.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, before I get to my point, I just wanted to thank you for Snapple and Breathe Right nasal strips.

RUSH: Wow, you do, you go back a long way.

CALLER: Way back, Rush, way back, Rush. Okay. The point I wanted to make, as a Jewish person, is to sort of answer your question which you asked at the beginning of your show, why are so many Jews liberal? And I think the short answer to that is because most Jews are not religious.

RUSH: Hmm. Now, you have to throw that in as a factor. You certainly do. What he’s saying is here, if you’re an irreligious Jew, then the tie to Israel wouldn’t be anything more than a foreign policy issue, wouldn’t matter to you nearly as much. You may have a point.


RUSH: Hey, look, there’s another reason why people are liberal, not just Jewish people. And it’s probably one of the simplest reasons why people are liberal. They’re simply misinformed. It’s no more complicated than that. It is amazing how simple sometimes the truthful answer to a complex question, is. They’re just misinformed or uninformed, which is why God created radio, which is why we are here, to correct and deal with the misinformed and the uninformed.

By the way, for what it’s worth, the joint press appearance of Obama and Netanyahu, now more than an hour later than previously scheduled, that is, it was supposed to start an hour ago.


RUSH: This is kind of like the Netanyahu Obama photo-op, started out being a joint press conference but now it’s gonna be a photo-op, Obama is gonna say something and Netanyahu is gonna stand there and steam and not say anything which is exactly what I’m doing here except I have to talk, I have to temper my being steamed.


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