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The other day, I told you about an extortion attempt by Democrat Darrell Steinberg, the President of California’s Senate. In order to force Republicans to go along with extending state tax increases, Steinberg’s Democrats are threatening to give local school boards and cities the power to tax residents and businesses without mercy. The Democrats are betting that business owners will pressure Republicans to extend state tax increases – to avoid facing these unlimited tax increases by local entities.

Turns out there was a prelude to the story. Before that extortion demand was issued, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer suggested another plan. If Republicans wouldn’t go along with the state tax increases, Lockyer’s idea was to target spending cuts in Republican districts.

In an interview, Lockyer said: “The people who want less government ought to be at the front of the line to get less government.”

Senate President Darrell Steinberg agreed it was a good plan as long as cuts weren’t imposed on “safety net” programs. But the plan was dropped after criticism from the media.

That’s too bad, because I think Lockyer and Steinberg may have stumbled upon something liberals fear. Just for kicks, suppose we did analyze taxes through the prism of districts and political parties? And not just in California. Perhaps we’d find Republican districts paying the bulk of taxes that support Democrats’ endless welfare programs and government expansions. Voters armed with that information could change the game, in ways Democrats would never want to contemplate!

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