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RUSH: As I say, Obama heading over to the CIA today. “President Obama is scheduled to visit CIA headquarters on Friday to thank the rank and file for their help in capturing Osama bin Laden. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that Obama will meet with ‘a broad range of the intelligence community’ to thank them for their ongoing work, especially on helping locate the former al Qaeda leader. Carney said Obama decided to make the trip shortly after bin Laden’s death. Several reports published since Navy SEALs killed the terror leader earlier this month indicate that the CIA was deeply involved in determining his whereabouts.”

Obama’s gonna make this visit while his Justice Department continues an investigation of the CIA interrogators who engaged in waterboarding. And the Washington Post studiously avoids mentioning that the information that eventually led to locating Bin Laden in Pakistan was extracted by CIA interrogators who are currently being prosecuted. Or they don’t mention that Obama has given his support to this investigation numerous times. But if these CIA officers that are under investigation, if they are guilty of a crime, isn’t Obama guilty as well? Hasn’t he benefited from the information the CIA gained through supposedly illegal means? After all, as Obama says, nobody is above the law.


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