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“What would make the Middle East better off, no Iran or no Israel? Of course the answer is the Middle East would be profoundly safer — profoundly improved, profoundly better — if there were no Iran. But guess what the objective is in the Middle East? No Israel.”

“Whenever I mention Mitch Daniels, people email, ‘Shut up about Mitch!’ They’re very, very touchy out there. I may not be able to go back to Indiana. The Super Bowl is there. I may not be able to go!”

“AARP has been granted an Obamacare waiver…until 2012. After 2012, only the really big donors — people that really pony up the dough — will be able to buy their way out of Obama’s misery.”

“This could be the last Open Line Friday, what with the rapture tomorrow. You never know. It’s out there. This same preacher made the same prediction back in 1994, and the preacher’s church is worth, last figure I saw, $72 million, which is not bad for a one-room church.”

“Obama obviously thought he was talking to a Republican, and he thought Bibi was gonna be like your average Republican: Just sit there and take it, and try to be nice, and not say anything, and let Obama get away with it all.”

“We have to find a birth certificate for Netanyahu in Hawaii. We’ve gotta be able to establish that he was born in this country so he can run for the GOP nomination.”

“Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office today when Netanyahu shows up there? A fly with a great comprehension of Hebrew cuss words.”

“Apart from his betrayal of Israel, the thing that struck me most about Obama’s speech, he talking as if the United States was still the biggest mover and shaker in the world, when he doesn’t want it to be.”

“The United States is no longer the world’s power broker. We are broke, but we’re not the power broker. We’re broker than broke. Obama is running around giving away money that we don’t have.”

“Is there any doubt, folks, that when it comes to the Palestinians and the Israelis, Obama’s got an affection for the Palestinians? There’s no question about this.”

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