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“The American left is now building up the notion that we’re not really at great risk: ‘Yeah, a lot of people are threatening us, but they can’t really do anything, so we’re just really overreacting here.’ So their conclusion is we have to wait until they can pull it off to deal with them?”

“This is a sad story: the horse Barbaro has been euthanized. I don’t think they got to the stem cell research, H.R.”

“Hillary Clinton said, ‘After all, we still haven’t captured Osama bin Laden, have we? And isn’t it about time that we got serious about that? I intend to.’ It is just hilarious to hear a Clinton who was in the White House for eight years complain about not getting bin Laden.”

“The left was in orgasmic nostalgia over the weekend with their big anti-war protest in Washington, DC. Can you imagine bringing out Jane Fonda and thinking that you are going to have credibility?”

“What is it about these Democrat women that they have to scream and rant and get maniacal like this? It’s hilarious! You know, my first thought was that they were talking about the troops when they said, ‘Pull out now!’ Ha! I know I’ve hit a home run when Dawn starts rolling her eyes.”

“If any more of you liberals call here and start whining and moaning about Iraqi deaths, I’m going to get really mad — because you don’t care a whit about Iraqi deaths. You didn’t care when they were dying by the hundreds of thousands when Saddam ran the place, and you don’t care about them now!”

“Do you know how rare it is that a caller is able to inform me about something about which I’m ignorant? Doesn’t happen, Wayne — it just doesn’t. You should go out and buy people dinner tonight and say, ‘I told Rush Limbaugh something he didn’t know.'”

“John Kerry has this hang-up, folks: the American people rejected him. He just can’t deal with it. You didn’t realize what a gift you had in John Kerry. And if you reject John Kerry, the only difference between you and a bag of dog doo-doo is the bag.”

“I guarantee you somebody will ask, ‘Mrs. Clinton, what about what you said in 2003 versus what you said in Iowa over the weekend?’ and this will be her answer: ‘You know, when I decided to run for president, I knew there would be personal attacks — I just didn’t think they would start so soon.'”

“We learned something very big today, folks, and that is that Harry Reid is in the back pocket — maybe even the front pocket — of Big Lubricant in Nevada.”


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