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“What does the modern Democrat Party stand for, folks? Subpoenas, surrender, and censorship.”

“‘The Bush economic plan’ — do you ever hear those words, by the way? You don’t. That’s because the Bush economic plan worked, and it worked brilliantly. The Bush economic plan is the only state secret that hasn’t been leaked to the liberal media.”

“Everybody’s puzzling over my meaning of Mrs. Clinton being a ‘trophy wife.’ Think bowling trophy wife.”

“I want to give an ‘attagirl’ here to CNBC correspondent Erin Burnett. Although, I’m probably now ruining her career because I have praised her. That will cause the others in the Drive-By Media to question her loyalty to the cause.”

“You just have to laugh when Elizabeth Edwards calls out Hillary Clinton for not acting like a woman, unlike her husband. And let’s just leave it at that.”

“OSHA is the Gestapo in the disguise of an angel.”

“I have a question about this all-nighter in the Senate tonight. Will the hookers be putting in overtime, too, or will they charge their normal daytime rate?”

“I was serious when I said I want to record the Senate’s all-night session tonight just so you can show your grandkids who freed Al-Qaeda from the battlefield so they could slaughter Americans here at home.”

“Americans are like no other people: through hard work and ingenuity, they will create jobs and wealth when the government gets out of the way. Hello, Ronald Reagan and the eighties.”

“We all know what table scraps are. In fact, you people in Rio Linda eat them.”


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