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RUSH: Did you vote for this? There are people starting to have doubts. One of them is no less than Whoopi Goldberg, who went into a rant this morning on The View, talking to her co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

GOLDBERG: You remember that movie Network? If you are just fed up, at some point, just lean out your window (laughter) and scream, ‘I’m mad as hell,’ ’cause that’s what’s happening to me. I’m losing my mind, because I don’t understand why — like they — one of the things that I saw recently, they have this whole thing about taxing ‘the wealthy.’ Okay. Now, I don’t mind that. I don’t mind paying a little more tax ’cause I make a good living.


GOLDBERG: But I don’t want to get it coming and going. I don’t want to get the federal raised and then the state raised and then the phone tax raised and then the television tax raised —

HASSELBECK: City tax raised!

GOLDBERG: — and then the city tax. Back off me!

RUSH: That is Whoopi Goldberg on The View today. It sounds like she might want Obama to fail. It sounds like she might not be fully with the program. She’s starting to ask herself, ‘I voted for this?’ She’s right about something here, something that we haven’t talked about. The federal tax increase, when the Bush tax cuts fade into the sunset, that’ll take it up to 39.6%, then the charitable deductions. Guess what? Guess what people are just now starting to figure out? ‘Well, you know, if he reduces deductibility on charitable donations down to 28%, that means a lot fewer people going to be donating in the private sector!’ That’s right. ‘Well, guess who’s going to come and take over?’ The government is going to be in charge of charity. This is the plan! Whoopi, you’re on the right path. You gotta understand what all these taxes on you mean.

And you’re right. The television tax… You’re going to get a double whammy, triple whammy living in New York. How about this statistic: 25% of office space in New York is now vacant. I saw that this morning. I’m running that down. Twenty-five percent of office space in New York vacant? They’re going to have to raise taxes, Whoopi. They’re going to have to raise taxes. So, in addition to the federal, the states are going to see that, and the states are going to raise taxes, and then the city is gonna raise taxes. You’re going to have taxes raised everywhere. I’ll tell you, it’s very simple, folks. It’s because everybody is spending money they don’t have. They are spending money that has not even yet been printed. They’re spending money that has not yet been earned.

They are spending wealth that has not yet been created.

Your children’s children, your great-grandchildren, they are broke the moment they’re born. They are broke when they get their first job. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the 40,000 people in New York City that pay over half New York City’s budget operations. Forty thousand people out of eight million, Whoopi, pay and make New York happen — and the mayor is concerned that some people might start leaving if he raises their taxes. But he’s going to have no choice, the way he thinks. Whoopi, I am number one. I got out of there in 1997, and they still audit me every year. You could be number two. You could tell Barbara Walters that you want a satellite studio in Florida, where there is no state income tax, same time zone, you could be on remote. You could see Robin Williams — who’s in the hospital down here, poor guy, with heart problems.

But if Whoopi Goldberg is starting to see this, starting to feel it… She thinks everybody is coming at her now. They’re coming at her both ways. I don’t care how long it took. I don’t care why she started realizing it. The fact is, she has. I hope… I always run the risk here, folks, when I point these things out — in trying to praise people, in trying to lavish praise on somebody like Whoopi — that she’ll be offended that I’m the one praising her and go back on The View Monday and totally change her opinion. Since I agree with her, she can’t afford have that position and start back up her tax increases or what have you, but hopefully not.

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