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“Too many people on our side want to play footsie with the Democrats on the mosque. But you and I, the people, understand far better the danger we face.”

“The partisan political operative media from Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post to Maureen Dowd are begging George W. Bush to get involved in the mosque issue to save Obama. I’m not kidding. They want Bush ’cause he’s got credibility on this. They want Bush to bring out the megaphone again and come out in support of the mosque to bail Obama out.”

“The Democrats are so drunk with power they do not realize the damage that they are causing themselves. They really don’t.”

“Pelosi doesn’t care who’s paying for the mosque. She cares who’s funding the opposition. This is soft tyranny.”

“You and I understand far better the danger posed by Obama and Pelosi, the Democrat Party and the left. We oppose the kind of society this is becoming. This is a society that is being produced, shaped, and formed against the will of the American people.”

“Peter Beinart’s a metrosexual, and he writes the story: ‘Grow a pair, Democrats.’ It’s really bad when a metrosexual is demanding that a bunch of coward Democrats grow a pair.”

“If you’re an African-American Republican or Hispanic Republican you may as well not be alive as far as the Democrats are concerned.”

“I’m going to continue to do and say what I think is right, because, folks, there are millions of Democrats, independents and others who are on the correct side of this mosque business. Buying into the Democrat template, that this is about politics, is dead wrong. This is not politics as usual.”

“If you’re tweaking ’em, you don’t tell ’em you’re tweaking ’em, you just let ’em get tweaked. They still don’t get it because telling them that I was tweaking them, they still got tweaked. They still permitted themselves to get tweaked.”

“I’m surprised they found Blagojevich guilty of anything in Chicago. I mean it’s the Chicago way.”

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