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“Obama can’t win unless certain votes don’t count. It’s the largest disenfranchisement of voters since the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and it’s in the Democrat Party.”

“What should Mrs. Clinton do? There is no question Mrs. Clinton should stay in. Mrs. Clinton needs to demand they count the popular vote in Michigan and Florida. She then perhaps should do what liberals always do in the end: Take the whole matter to court.”

“Barack Obama has shown he cannot get the votes that Democrats need to win: blue-collar working people. He can get effete snobs, wealthy academics, and blacks, but that’s about it.”

“Mr. Snerdley, the only thing that Operation Chaos and Rwanda have in common is that the Clintons refuse to stop it — that’s it.”

“I see that George McGovern today has endorsed Obama. There’s no mystery about this: McGovern just wants to see somebody lose worse than he did in his lifetime.”

“Obama hasn’t learned to lie as craftily as Bill Clinton, and until he learns that, he is not going to be able to pull off his campaign, which is a lie.”

“I love Joy Behar, by the way. When you get her alone and not discussing politics, she’s really a very nice person. Big face and big head, but, if you get past that, she’s very, very nice.”

“How is it, ladies, that the only man who has stood tall for Hillary’s right to fight the good fight to the bitter end, is me? Does this not give you pause?”

“You ever hear Obama talk about taxes? He’s a lightweight! Hillary can out-walk this guy. I mean, if we know somebody who knows how to raise a tax, it’s Hillary Clinton. She can out-walk Obama in the middle of a hot flash.”

“Hey, Chris Matthews — a little cheese with your whine?”

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“So under a President Obama, we’re going to go back to the Clinton era way of fighting the war on terror in the courts — and this is new?”

“The real story is not how McCain is like Bush. The real story is how identical the Obama campaign is to every Democrat presidential campaign since McGovern. He will serve Jimmy Carter’s second term. There’s nothing new here. There is no change.”

“I am Rush Limbaugh, doing what I was born to do. So are you. I was born to host. You were born to listen.”

“Petroleum and oil made us greater as a nation. It was a number of forces coming together: the establishment of a worldwide Navy, which was not possible without petroleum.”

“Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are out there suggesting that drilling for oil off the coastline of the United States and at ANWR is nothing more than ‘the failed policies of the past.’ Can I be honest with you and tell you what the failed policies of the past are? In 1988, New York governor Mario Cuomo shut down a nuclear plant. In 1996, Bill Clinton vetoed exploration and drilling in ANWR. Both of those are failed policies of the past.”

“You could put all those stupid compact fluorescent lightbulbs you can find in your house, it’s not going to produce any more energy and it’s not going to reduce the price of gasoline.”

“There is no substitute for oil, and there isn’t going to be any time soon.”

“What does Obama want? Barack Obama wants you to suffer. Barack Obama wants higher prices on fuel right now. Barack Obama wants a windfall profits tax right now. Barack Obama wants to raise your income taxes, by the way, right now. He wants to raise capital gains taxes right now. He wants to raise Social Security taxes right now. Obama wants you to suffer. The Democrat Party wants you in pain.”

“This is a national goal, to become energy independent. We have the crude. We have the supply. We have it. We just have to go get it. And you don’t get it by sitting around waiting. You gotta take the first step.”

“The more you tax an activity, the less of that activity you get. It’s just that simple, proven by years and years and years of human existence.”

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“Barack’s gang want you crawling to them to fix gas prices. They want you upset with capitalism and big business, and demanding more government.”

“Virtually everything involving your freedom: your automobile, your ability to move around, go where you want, when you want, is under assault on the basis that you doing so are destroying the planet.”

“There’s one group of people standing in the way of the increasing supply of energy. I don’t care whether it’s gasoline, natural gas, whatever it is. It’s the American left and their allies in the Democrat Party.”

“We’ve turned over the deciding of political issues to the Supreme Court.”

“Who benefits from the ruling that child rapists cannot be executed, overturning a state law, Louisiana law? I’ll tell you who benefits. It’s the same people who celebrate due process rights for terrorists.”

“Have you seen how many Republican and Democrat strategists there are as guests on all these cable shows? I said, ‘Who the hell are these people?’ Well, we find out they’re not Republican or Democrat strategists, they’re just people that are calling themselves that and there’s hardly any backup or investigation into who these people are. They’re just people that want face time. They’re face hogs.”

“Who is it that’s going to be Jimmy Carter’s second term, is it going to be Obama or McCain? I thought it was going to be Obama.”

“Look at how many stories are not about what’s happening, but on what might happen, from global warming to 25% of the world’s oil under the North Pole, to what Hugo Chavez might do, to what Cuba might do. Everything is speculation, 90% of it is speculation. None of it is news. None of it is what is happening. It’s all polls.”

“There’s a lot at stake here, and the solution to it is simply not defeating Obama. That’s a big part of it. But people just like Obama are going to be running the House and the Senate.”

“We need to stop all this talk about greening the government. People don’t care about that right now. They care about the gasoline price, and they’re sophisticated enough to understand that the Democrats are standing in the way of doing anything that lowers the price. We got a made-to-order issue here. It’s just waiting to be teed up.”

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“The Drive-Bys are just a bunch of teenagers. The only thing they haven’t done is throw underwear at Obama when he’s up on stage — yet.”

“I know that in your personal life you have known people whose objective it is to be liked. And what are they? Phonies, are they not? They try to be whatever it is they think somebody else wants them to be so that they will be liked. This is what Obama is about.”

“God knows that I am on his side. I speak with God countless times a day. My talent is on loan from God. I thank God each day for how he made me.”

“Obama is an appeaser. I guarantee you, these groups — Hamas and the mullahs — are going to send emissaries to the United States to campaignfor this guy. They might even send campaign contributions…laundered, of course.”

“In all candor, one of the reasons why conservative talk radio is so dominant is because we are human beings and we are compassionate and nice. We treat people politely.”

“I sent Dr. Spencer a note last night telling him I was very proud of the way he handled himself up there in the Senate, a job well done. And I have just promoted him to Vice President of the EIB Network/Climatology.”

“Check into the hotel, Breck Girl! Don’t just go in there for a couple of quickies and then leave at 2:40 in the morning! Leave at a normal time! Not that I’m an expert, don’t misunderstand.”

“Have you ever heard a conservative radio talk show host say he would like to castrate a Democrat presidential candidate as the Reverend Jackson did? I’m curious, Jill.”

“John Edwards is on the list of potential vice presidential picks for Obama, and I’m thinking Obama probably called him up when he heard about this mistress thing and said, ‘Senator Edwards, you are not the Senator Edwards that I knew, but I need to get you together with my preacher for some counseling.'”

“Well, I’ll be damned. Or, as my mother used to say, ‘Goodness sakes alive!'”

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“We don’t want to get along with Democrats; we want to mop the floor with them.”

“The ChiComs are being accused of lying about the age of their gymnasts and Russia is accused of lying about the ceasefire in Georgia. What’s stunning about this is that communists lie. When did it start that communists lie?”

“Have you heard that Obama is seriously considering John Kerry as his vice presidential running mate, to bring strength and credibility in foreign policy to the ticket? I kid you not.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s book has been out two weeks. She’s sold a total of 5,333 copies. That’s all. Yep. You couldn’t even start a decent fire with that few books. That’s all. Yep.”

“Somebody better get a hold of the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, the eyebrow, and let him know that Obama needs to repeat his demand that the Russians cease their advance in Georgia, ’cause the Russians said that they were going to stop and then they kept going.”

“Michael Phelps is a one man global warming machine disguised here as some great Olympic athlete. I know the Obama camp agrees with me on this, as does much of the left.”

“Did the Russians go to the UN Security Council and show where the Georgians had violated 14 resolutions? Did they spend a year-and-a-half jawboning with the French and others to try to get some assistance so that they could go in and enforce UN resolutions that the Georgians had broken? No.”

“In the midst of global warming, Chicago weatherman Tom Skilling, has said that this decade has had the fewest 90-degree days in Chicago since 1930.”

“The ChiComs are pulling off something here for people that don’t know history. They’re doing exactly what Hitler wanted to do with the Olympics he had in 1936, and that’s put a face on his regime that is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.”

“That opening ceremony and all the happy-go-lucky little Chinese children running around, they don’t show you what’s going on in Tibet; they don’t show you the political prisoners; they don’t tell you what they’re doing to the Falun Gong, and we have to sit there and listen to the syrupy, soap opera lingo from the NBC commentators telling us what a wonderful place it is.”

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“Imagine if our enemy goes on TV and says, ‘Okay, we’re quitting in 18 months.’ What would our reaction be?”

“Even though you all have your opinions, the most often asked question across the country this morning is, ‘What does Rush think about it?'”

“The next president, ladies and gentlemen, might want to create a new memorial: The Tomb of the Unknown Hacker. Whoever this hacker was that blew the whistle on these phony climatologists must be rewarded.”

“You have to know how to listen to Obama. You have to know how to listen to liberals. And I do.”

“Man, did they assemble one diverse group of cadets. I mean I saw it all. They were all there, those that were awake.”

“This speech last night was all about placating as many sides of the political spectrum as there are. The last thing it was about was military victory. And you could tell by looking at the faces of the cadets that they thought the same thing.”

“In Obama’s world — and I know some of you are not going to like this — but if you haven’t learned yet not to doubt me, learn now. Do not doubt me. Barack Obama believes Al-Qaeda has a point. Barack Obama believes our enemies have a point.”

“This is not a campaign. This is not a persuasion seminar. This is life and death. The president of the United States is ordering people and deploying people into a war zone.”

“The left is complaining he’s not pulling out fast enough. Forget them, because the left has never seen a war worth fighting or a war worth winning. The left is dangerous to the nation.”

“Snerdley had to admit, ‘Yeah, I should have consulted you first before generalizing about this, because you always have a perspective that I never consider,’ and that’s true.”

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“I could be wrong, but I’m beginning to think that Tiger Woods may be politically conservative and that some people in the media know it.”

“We are going to name all winter storms in honor of global warming hoaxers, and the first named storm is Global Warming Blizzard Algore.”

“There is no greater illustration of the massive differences between the two parties and particularly the two ideologies than what is happening with health care, cap and trade, and any other pieces of legislation that happen to be floating around up in Washington.”

“It’s clear that the Senate Republican leadership doesn’t know how to deal with this health care fight. Delay, delay, add amendments and so forth. This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. This has to be stopped.”

“I have to tell you how offended I am that we are held hostage to what Olympia Snowe or Ben Nelson does because our leadership has blown this in not taking it on ideologically.”

“We have Dianne Feinstein saying it is perfectly morally for the taxes of pro-life Americans to pay for insurance policies that will provide abortion.”

“The independents are abandoning the Democrat Party in droves. And a key point, they’re abandoning the Democrat Party without the Republican Party giving them any reason to go to them. They’re just abandoning the Democrats because they don’t like what they see.”

“Folks, our guys do not seem to understand that this is a new era. We are fighting radicals who will stop at nothing. Our guys are still living in the Bob Dole, Howard Baker days.”

“Only 38% support health care, and yet they claim they’re doing this for the people. Fifty-two percent want no part of it.”

“If there’s not going to be a public option, like Harry Reid’s saying today, then what the hell do we need a trillion dollars for? What are we spending it on?”

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“Pelosi plugged in a Chevy Volt with one of her employees, the GM vice president, looking on. Democrats want to observe what their company’s doing!”

“I’ll tell you what, Mr. President, a good way for you to start this second-year agenda would be to end this relentless push for health care reform, which, in case you haven’t noticed, has no support from anyone outside the Democrat Party, and not even a majority of them.”

“Every day I keep expecting a little bit of a respite, a little bit of a slowdown. But no, today we’re told that in the last three months the stimulus created a million jobs, a total of two million. What do they think, that if they just keep saying it long enough that we’re all going to believe this?”

“We are the most charitable and the most generous people on the face of the earth. Each and every time a natural disaster like this happens, we step up. We are there.”

“The vision of our future is right before our eyes in Venezuela. We are devaluing our own currency, not as rapidly as Hugo Chavez did but we’re doing it with all of our deficit spending and borrowing.”

“It’s not a health care reform bill. It’s an Obama ego stroke bill. That’s all that matters.”

“This Massachusetts race is much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much closer than they ever dreamed or imagined that it would be.”

“Rush. That name works in so many places in so many ways and so many times. Try it wherever you are and see what happens.”

“The rash of big lies that we are getting from this White House on the economy is breathtaking.”

“Democrats said the unemployment would never get above 8%. Now they’re taking credit for keeping it at ten!”

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“There’s not a whole lot of critical thinking taught in schools. Kids aren’t taught to make decisions. They’re taught to feel and have reactions.”

“The Obama economy is not just affecting people in the United States. The Obama economy is also affecting people all over the world. When the US economy goes south so does the world’s economy with a couple of exceptions, like the ChiComs.”

“I really owe all of you in this audience a huge debt of thanks. The numbers on the Miss America Pageant Saturday night were through the roof. It won the night on all of cable, on advertising supported networks, other than movie channels. It was just great, and you people did it.”

“Politico started running excerpts of my interview with Gretchen Carlson. The part that’s just got them discombobulated is when I said that I thank God every day that Obama’s agenda is failing, that it’s one of the best things that could have happened to the country. They’re just beside themselves. After one year, this still has daddy long legs.”

“Obama told the Democrats to turn off the channel that’s propping ’em all up, MSNBC. I mean, this network is losing audience left and right anyway, but it’s the only network that Obama has 24/7 that constantly propagandizes for him and he just told the Democrats to stop watching it.”

“There is a giant misunderstanding of capitalism by people who hate it. They see it as a perpetual machine producing dollars and profits that they can skim, tax and take. They have an ingrained hatred for the pursuit of profit and they have a double ingrained hatred for the people that make a profit.”

“Judd Gregg has been going at these guys on the budget solidly for a year, and this, folks, is exactly what we need to be doing. Every Republican needs to be saying this latest Obama budget is DOA. They need to set the tone for this.”

“Judd Gregg seems to have discovered what I have known for decades and that is you gotta go hard at these liberals. You don’t play by their rules, and the response you get will be huge. All you gotta do is look at Scott Brown. Do not hold back on these people.”

“In the detested and hated private sector, a franchise store that failed to deliver service would be closed in a heartbeat. But in liberal land, where failure is what’s rewarded, the NAALCP insanely claims minority children are hurt if they cannot stay in these factory failures. And the teachers union claims the community will be hurt if rotten schools are closed.”

“It’s getting hard to keep up with all the lies being discovered in the global warming story.”

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“This ploy to ‘deem’ Obamacare the law of the land makes Watergate look like Romper Room. This is the overthrow of the US constitutional system.”

“Don’t get so wigged out here over this Kucinich business. There’s an easy explanation. They either threatened him with a UFO trip, or they offered to make sure that his preexisting condition of mental illness will not be a barrier to any kind of coverage that he gets down the road.”

“The Asians have always outdone everybody in protests. You gotta admire ’em for this. The sixties people are just a bunch of pikers compared to the Asians.”

“I think all these phone calls that you made yesterday, there’s no question at all they had an impact.”

“People are having trouble making outgoing calls from inside the Capitol. I’m told there’s quite a lot of frustration about this.”

“There’s no differencebetween the Democrat base and screwballs.”
“Many of these people that signed on with John Edwards are the people who think Sarah Palin is an idiot. Now, contrast that. John Edwards was the answer to everything. Never a more duped, taken-advantage-of and intelligence-insulted group of people than the Edwards supporters and they all think Sarah Palin’s an idiot.”

“Hey, Snerdley, did you hear that Pelosi has called a meeting today of all the female Democrat members of Congress behind closed doors? A lot of farding going on in that room, ladies and gentlemen.”

“The evidence of an electoral landslide against the liberals is everywhere. Obama came to divide and he’s pulled it off.”

“I have infinite faith in the country and the people who live here that they’re just not going to put up with it. We’re not just going to lie down, bend over, and succumb to this. It just isn’t going to happen. One way or the other, this health care bill is not going to be the law of the land, but we have to make that reality come true.”

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“This administration is governing against the will of the people. They know it, but they don’t care.”

“Obama, the architect of the worst debt crisis in the history of the world, is lecturing these other guys on their reckless, out-of-control debt and spending? Yeah, he is! That’s the audacity of the guy.”

“The only thing that’s going to fix Greece is a systematic change to capitalism and conservatism and tax cuts, and firing people who are in the public workforce and privatizing so many of the things that Greece has nationalized.”

“We know the kind of government we want, and it’s not the kind of government Obama is building. That is what we hope will fail.”

“The media is obsessing over whether Elena Kagan is homosexual or not. They’re trying to dig deep, and they got pictures of her playing softball and so forth. What’s wrong with being gay? Would somebody explain that to me?”

“We gotta take a hard look at what’s happening in Greece. It’s our future if we keep Democrats and their union storm troopers in power.”

“Why do you have to prove you’re open-minded, because other people say conservatives aren’t? Screw it!”

“The Democrats, everybody, have been talking about securing the border. So here’s a state finally taking it upon itself to do it because the federal government won’t and the Democrat Party is having a cow.”

“If we’re going to grant amnesty but not close the border, where are we gonna end up?”

“This is how you lose things, folks: You give up. You bend over, you grab the ankles, you do whatever. You succumb. You don’t fight for what you believe in. You don’t stand up for decency.”

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“Wouldn’t it be something if the ‘Bush recession’ destroys European socialism?”

“We don’t have just the oil spill to worry about. We now have the continued spill of illegal immigrants into our country.”

“Obama is siding with the Phoenix Suns on Los Suns with the jerseys they wear, siding with the illegal immigrants, once again siding against the American people. This means that Obama is supporting the inclusion of politics into professional sports.”

“Obama only reaches out to the GOP to slap ’em.”

“The number of people who want health care repealed is now up to 63%. The momentum is not fading away. It is growing.”

“Obama has not won anything politically. He has not persuaded a majority of people to go along with his ideas. Every one of his agenda items is in the minority.”

“Even when I’m not here, ladies and gentlemen, we stir things up like a boiling pot.”

“It’s Obama and the Democrats who are forcing independents to run away from the Democrat Party in droves.”

“Where has there been outreach to the Republicans? Obama’s talked about it but there hasn’t been any. He’s not interested in any Republican ideas, including how to deal with this oil spill, especially if the idea might work.”

“If you doubt me, then you have a long ways to go in understanding two things: Liberalism and Obama.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“Am I correct in observing that anger in the African-American community is much more intense since Obama’s election? It was supposed to be just the opposite.”

“Obama and the Democrats do not want any confirmation hearings on Donald Berwick, for one thing because we will hear that the death panels are back in Obamacare. In fact, they never left.”

“Arizona’s immigration law is not ‘controversial.’ Seventy percent of the country support it.”

“Arizona cops can’t just go up to people at a red light when they’re stopped and say, ‘Hey, are you an immigrant? Are you illegal? Let me see your papers.’ They can’t do it. The law doesn’t permit it.”

“Obama has come and he has divided this country. Look at the polling data on him, at his approval numbers issue by issue.”

“You’re not supposed to know that the Cubans, the ChiComs, the Russians, the Angolans, the Vietnamese and Spanish are going to be drilling off the coast of Cuba, in the Florida Straits in the Gulf of Mexico.”

“AP reports there are 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf. They don’t cite one that’s leaking, but you’re supposed to get scared to death and go along with Obama’s moratorium on drilling.”

“The federal government does not want to enforce its own law and protect the borders. That’s controversial.”

“Nothing is real. There are no standards. Nothing is right or wrong. There are just agendas to protect — agendas and phony, false reputations.”

“Economic growth has to be the answer to what we’re having now, and none — none, absolutely none — of any of Obama’s policies will lead to any economic growth in the private sector. By design.”

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