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RUSH: Shirley in San Antonio, you’re up first in this hour. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks for having me on, Rush. I am so fed up, I don’t know whether to stand up or sit down. I am tired —

RUSH: Well, do whatever would make you the more comfortable.

CALLER: Well, I am tired of Nancy Pelosi covering for our brave president and our young president and for Harry Reid talking about this ‘light-skinned Negro with no dialect.’ I am so tired — and the press! I’m tired of the press interviewing this man and he just has this however-long infomercial and then when Bret Baier comes and actually does an interview they are so upset that he would actually interrupt someone to ask a question. I am ready for the American people to finally rise up and say, ‘Stop this nonsense!’

RUSH: Well, who are you mad at? I’m trying to… Who is your grievance against here, Shirley?

CALLER: It’s against this — this ruling class, first of all, in Washington. They pretended to be patriots of America until they got in power. Now that they have majorities in the House and the Senate and they have the presidency, they are saying to the American people, ‘Sit down, shut up. We know what’s good for you. Take your medicine like a good little boy and a good little girl and just let us run this country into the ground,’ and this, it cannot stand. Rush, if we don’t do something in November to let these people know they are going to unemployed, then we have really lost it. There is no way that you can convince me to tear down my house, which is what Obama is saying to do: Tear down your house let’s build it again so that we can add a room. Who does that?

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you mean Obama? I want you to explain yourself here. Obama is trying to tear down their houses? You’re talking about the country when you say tear down the house?

CALLER: What I’m talking about is first of all health care. I’ll be specific about this one. He says that we want to add 32 million people to the health care rolls, right?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But he says he’s a gotta tear down the whole system to add these people. Who in the right mind would tear down their house to add a room? When you tear the house down it’s because you want to build something different.

RUSH: Right. That’s exactly right.

CALLER: And that’s exactly what he’s doing. But let me tell you: Can you pay the same price for your house to rebuild it today that you paid for it ten years ago? Absolutely not. You’re gonna get something smaller. And when you get something smaller, it’s going to be rationed. So it’s stupid to tell me it’s gonna cost me less to get more, but no one challenges him — and he has his bully pulpit that he uses, and it makes me so mad when he can stand up using the presidency to call out private American citizens. Joe the Plumber said, ‘So you want to spread the wealth around?’ That’s essentially what he wants to do, and what does Obama do? He calls him out. I don’t have a platform to defend myself against the most powerful man in the world, but when he goes on the world stage, he kowtows to the Ortegas and the Chavezes. The people that he should be going toe to toe with he just cowers to them, but when he gets back home he’ll call out people like John Boehner and all of the members of Congress and be they don’t even have a platform to defend themselves. He’s a schoolyard bully and he’s got a posse in the Congress and the House and no one else is supposed to touch this golden boy that America seems to be so enamored with, and I am fed up with it.

RUSH: If I didn’t know better, I would say that you basically are saying we have somebody unqualified, incompetent, being propped up by the real pros.

CALLER: Well, let me tell you what. The first crop of affirmative action people to reach the presidency is a dismal failure. But that’s the thing about affirmative action. It says, ‘Oh, well, that’s okay. We don’t expect too much from someone who comes through affirmative action. The fact that they are trying, that’s the most that we can expect,’ and he’s living up to it. His inexperience is so obvious — and we’re suffering for it! Because liberal America… I’ll just say liberal and moderate white America, was so afraid to be called racist that they allow this nation to have the most inexperienced person ever take the highest office in the land at a time when we can least afford to have someone so incompetent at the head of our government.

RUSH: Wow. ‘Incompetent.’ You have just called our first black president incompetent.

CALLER: Well, listen to what he said. Last year he wanted a bill on his desk in June, July, August, September, and it was the same bill — and if he had that bill that they started with to sign today, isn’t that incompetence? Hasn’t it changed over the months from what it was to what he actually signed?

RUSH: What are you saying here? Are you saying that Obama is incompetent because even after a year with all this support, all these pros in the House and Senate, he still couldn’t get it done for a year?

CALLER: I’m saying he’s incompetent because he doesn’t know that we are a constitutional republic and he has limits on what he can do.

RUSH: See, I disagree with you on that. You said his administration is a dismal failure. Yeah, from our standpoint, because the country is going to fail, but from his standpoint —

CALLER: What else?

RUSH: See, I don’t know how incompetent this guy is. Here’s a guy who has set out to transform this country into something other than a representative republic, to wipe out the whole concept of American exceptionalism, and he’s done it! He has not failed.

CALLER: Okay, let me tell you, Rush. When conservatives are back in power with the majority, we are also concerned about dismantling and repealing. The only thing the conservatives have to do is not fund in the budgets all this garbage and when we get started we need to take out the Department of Education, Health and Human Services, the EPA. Don’t fund it. Don’t put any money in the budget for these government bureaucracies and let them die on the vine.

RUSH: Well, we’re going to need the White House to do that, too.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: And we’re going to need the right guy in the White House to do that kind of thing. You know, Reagan even wanted to get rid of the Department of Education and of course you can imagine the uproar that he faced and he did not have anywhere near the congressional majorities to be able to get away with it. So it’s going to take a unique set of circumstances for things like that to happen.

CALLER: We’re at the brink of losing what we know as America.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: We have been awakened. The tea party movement and the conservative movement have been awakened. This is not fun and games; this is not a reality show. This is real life, and we have got to take this country back to where it’s supposed to be: Personal responsibility, limited government, letting a man work for and keep what he earns. That has to be the model that we put forward.

RUSH: We’re definitely headed in the opposite direction from that, I agree with you. It’s a shame. It is a tragedy that this has happened, and it can be stopped. I think that you have voiced here a degree of thinking and emotion that gazillions of Americans like you feel.

CALLER: It is wrong when, in the pit of my stomach — when I think about on Sunday morning and what is possibly going to happen to my country on Sunday night — I feel sick. I shouldn’t have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that what I knew in America is in hours going to be gone. The government shouldn’t put that.

RUSH: I know. I had the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and in my brain. I was feeling this everywhere. Even through Sunday afternoon, yeah, I got Pollyannaish. ‘This is not going to happen. At the moment of truth this just can’t happen.’ You know, I fell prey to my own hope, and I was trying to suspend what was reality in front of me eyes watching television for a while. Then about three or four o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday when the Stupak circus started to show itself for what it was — and I should have believed myself from the outset that he was always going to vote for this. You know, the sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. We all feel it.


RUSH: That’s why we can’t sugarcoat it — and you’re right. You’re not doing it, don’t misunderstand. We can’t sugarcoat the gravity of this in the effort here to keep people’s attitudes positive. You gotta be honest about what’s happened here, which you’ve done. We have to be honest about the whack this is at the America you and I know. Look, yesterday, the last thing I said to a caller on this program… In fact, Mike, go get the last paragraph I said to that caller. We’ll get a transcript. I want to roll it off because it’s better if I just have it replayed from yesterday because I don’t remember it all verbatim. I basically said: Our enemy is now clearly defined. We know who they are and they are anybody with a D beside their name. There’s no moderate Democrat. There’s no pro-life Democrat. There’s no Blue Dog, lap dog, hot dog, back dog Democrat. If it’s a D, they are the enemy, and they need to be reacted to as such.


RUSH: Let’s be honest about Obama here. I just want to repeat something that I said in the first hour of this program. There’s been no question Obama has huge majorities in both houses. He had to fight like hell to get this vote. He had to bribe, he had to pay off. He had to beat people with baseball bats or have Pelosi and Reid do it. Ronald Reagan had a Democrat Congress and got his tax cut through in his first August. Obama is no Reagan, he’s no Lincoln, he’s unlike any president we have ever had. What Obama did is succeed in forcing members of his own party to stick their collective finger in the eye of the American people. And for this he’s being praised by the liberal media and their ilk. Obama is not a leader. He has not led the people. He has not won over the people. His tactics are those of a thug, not a statesman.

As I said, the media celebrating this great victory. What great victory? Over who? Us! The Democrat Party had to defeat us, the citizens of the United States, in order to get what they wanted — and let’s not confuse this vote in the House with leadership or statesmanship. They had to fight among themselves. The party has sealed its fate along with attempting to seal ours. They have dug their own grave. About that, there is no question. But we’re gonna fight back and hopefully reverse their course. But they are damaged goods now. If you want to find a silver lining to anything, it is that. As I said yesterday: TThey have now made it clear, abundantly clear to one and all who they are. When you elect anybody with a D next to their name, this is what you get. Any time. I don’t care where they’re from. I don’t care whether there’s a modifier in front of their name like ‘moderate’ or ‘Blue Dog’ or whatever. They’re Democrats, they’re liberals. They are all statists. And there is literally no way to misunderstand who these people are now, what their motivations are.

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