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RUSH: Now, there’s a story in the Chicago Trib, I have seen pictures, thousands and thousands of people marching, union thugs in Illinois demanding tax increases. Here it is. I’ve got the Chicago Tribune story right here. Grab audio sound bite number 31. We have a sound bite with this. ‘Thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions and social service advocates rallied at the Capitol today…’ this was yesterday ‘…in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the income tax to avoid more budget cuts.’ The unions want everybody else and their taxes to go up so that they don’t lose their pensions and they don’t have to get any kind of cuts whatsoever. ‘A spokesman for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White estimated the rally crowd at 15,000, with more than 12,000 marching around the building. That would appear to make it the largest Capitol protest since the Equal Rights Amendment crowds a quarter-century ago. Bus after bus pulled up on streets surrounding the Capitol complex and dumped sign-waving protesters clad in purple, green, red and blue shirts that represented a show of strength from a variety of public employee unions and dozens of groups that formed what they named the ‘Responsible Budget Coalition.” And here is what they were shouting.

PROTESTER: Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!

RUSH: Springfield, Illinois, at the Capitol, thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions demanding higher taxes. Okay. Raise theirs. Raise their taxes. Cut ours. They want their taxes to go up, raise ’em! Now, this is an interesting development here. And it’s interesting because the unions now see the underfunded pension plans, the states being bankrupt, and they see what Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey, and they see that California is paying attention to New Jersey, and they see the teachers unions get socked out there, all kinds of givebacks, teachers having to forgo promised raises and increases in pension benefits and so forth. So here are the freeloaders. ‘Rush, how can you say they’re freeloaders? They’re union people. They have jobs.’ They’re freeloaders. These are public employee union people. They know what they live off of. They live off taxes. These are not private sector union people. These are people that live off of your tax payments. And they want more. They want you to have to pay more taxes so that they continue in their freeloader gigs.

Now, we’ve talked about the last couple days, freeloaders, what’s the percentage of people in this country that have really just checked out, they’ve just cashed it in, they’re sitting out there, they’re happy to get whatever they get from the government, $300, $500 bucks a week, and people worry, have we reached the tipping point here, have we got to the point where 50% of the American people are freeloaders now? I don’t believe we’re anywhere near there, otherwise these people wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, and Obama would be honest about what he was doing. He has to continue to lie about what his agenda is, trying to get people to support it. So look who it is that’s now actually rallying for tax increases: public employee union people. They are the freeloaders. They are a net loss. They don’t produce anything. They live solely off the output of the private sector, pure and simple, which they hate, by the way. I’m talking about their leaders and some of these rent-a-mob types that show up.

Now, who is it that runs Illinois? Who is it that runs Chicago? If I’m not mistaken, it’s the Democrats. Well, why don’t the Democrats who run Illinois want to raise taxes this year? Why do these unions have to pressure Democrats to do something that is automatic as breathing to them? Raising taxes. What’s going on here? Raising taxes, why do you have to protest for that with Democrats in Illinois? And yet we got ACORN type agitators out there demanding a tax increase from people who do that automatically. They do it before they brush their teeth when they get up. I mean, it’s a reflex action. This is incredible, unheard of, a bunch of leftist, socialist, neo-communist union people asking their brothers in government to raise taxes when they do it already anyway.


RUSH: Here’s a way I want to create a visual for you. As host, I excel at painting pictures, and creating circumstances where you create your own image. We don’t provide the pictures here; you do, actually, via the talent of the host. So here you have 12 to 15,000 union thugs demanding tax increases at the state capital of Illinois, which is akin to a tick demanding that we feed the dog more. That’s how you (laughing) That is the way to look at it — or a leech, demanding that we feed the dog more. Yeah, it’s a leech. You can see a leech. A tick, sometimes a flea, but whatever. You know, we’re the dog, the union people are the leeches, and they’re demanding that we be fed more. You know what else they were chanting out there?

‘What do we want?’

‘More money!’

‘What do we want?’

‘We want more money!’

‘When do we want it?’


‘When do we want it?’


That’s what one of their chants was — and you can see a tick when it swells up, and they do swell up on a well-fed dog. They’re just giant ticks — a bunch of them, a bunch of leeches — at the state Capitol in Illinois yesterday.


RUSH: Here’s another audio sound bite from the teacher union protest yesterday at the state capital in Springfield, Illinois. Here’s a portion of some teacher talking about the state budget.

PROTESTER: Where’s the mo-neeey? Where is the mo-neeeeey? Save our childrens! (sic) Give us the bucks. Where’s the cash? We need it fast!

RUSH: Were you able to hear that? Were you able to make it out? ‘Where’s the mo-neeey? Where is the mo-neeeeey? Save our childrens! Give us the bucks. Where’s the cash? We need it fast.’ Now that you know that’s what’s being said, I’m going to play this again. This is an unidentified teacher at this rally for tax increases in Springfield, Illinois, yesterday. She’s obviously another one of these people that wants some money from Obama’s stash.

PROTESTER: Where’s the mo-neeey? Where is the mo-neeeeey? Save our childrens! (sic) Give us the bucks. Where’s the cash? We need it fast!

RUSH: ‘Where’s the cash? Where’s the money? We need it fast!’ We’ve lost this group. We have lost them. This group is gone and everybody like ’em. They’re gone. Anytime… Here’s how to identify ’em, folks. I’m sure you have a federal or county courthouse nearby. All you need to do is drive by it, and I guarantee you, everybody going in and out of there other than the lawyers (well, including the lawyers) is going in there for their livelihood. Where do these people go when they want money? They go to the state Capitol. Do they go to work? No. They go to the state Capitol. They demand from government more money. We’ve lost those people. We’re never going to convert those people. Those people are going to have to learn by virtue of tough experience. I marvel at this.

You can see who we’ve lost; you can identify ’em. Any courthouse, anyplace where checks are handed out, anyplace where complaints about the check not being big enough; you just check and see who’s milling around there everyday, who’s going in and out and you’ll see who we’ve lost because to them, going to some government building is where you go to get, in effect, your salary. Joe Biden. (interruption) What do you…? (interruption) What — what’s your facial…? (interruption) Why are you surprised by this? (interruption) Where is the money? Are you surprised that this is unionized teachers asking this, as opposed to who asking it? Why does this surprise you? Do you think that these people do not know where their lifeblood is? Their lifeblood is taxes.

They live off everybody’s taxes! These are the people who live off of everybody’s taxes. They know full well what’s at stake here if these Democrats have to starting cutting budgets. It’s less for them. They know full well. You and I, Snerdley, the last place we would go is there. If something happened to this show, the last place I’d go is some courthouse or some state Capitol and start marching around, ‘Where’s my money? Where’s my money? I need it fast!’ I would not even think of it. It would never occur to me. It would never cross my mind. These people, it’s their daily existence. Even though they work, they’re teachers, these are the freeloaders. It’s not the people that are unemployed so much or exclusively, and they are a net drain on the economy. ‘Cause the salaries that they are paid via our taxes, they produce nothing.

They’re not even in the private sector. They’re just vacuum cleaners. They just suck assets and value out of the private sector. It’s no different… Remember when there was $15 billion, vouchers for a share of $15 billion from the stimulus plan in Detroit? Remember the scam artists selling all kinds of phony applications? Get one of these and you get to apply for your share of the $15 billion, and our radio reporter up there at WJR talked to these people and asked: ‘Where’s the money coming from?’ ‘I don’t know. From Obama’s stash. From Obama.’ No different. Those people were outta work. The teachers aren’t. But they both go to the same place for their paycheck. That is where your taxes end up being collected and distributed. Except under this regime, this is going to expand. Now, Snerdley asked me a question: How can you not have a modicum of self-respect?

They think they do! These people, in their minds, are the ones whose lives have been spent getting the shaft, from the system and from The Man. And so now this is their turn to get even. They’re heading down to these places, like Springfield, to get their share finally. They are being immorally correct as far as they’re concerned. This is full of integrity. This is the way it’s done, because they’re victims. The political party that they belong to, the ideology that they subscribe to, has made all of them victims. I don’t care what their race is, their gender is, their sexual oppression, their ethnicity or religion. They have all been made to think they are victims of Wall Street or anybody else who’s successful or has a house when they don’t.

The Democrat Party and liberalism has said, ‘Instead of you people going out and working for your share of an ever-expanding pie, we’re going to make sure that those who have more than you do are giving it up to you,’ and we’ve been doing this for 50 years. Well, 60. So generations have been born into this entitlement way of thinking. ‘We deserve this. We built the country and our ancestors built it. We built the railroads. We built all these buildings. It’s about time we got our share. It’s us.’ So I don’t think they have a problem with their integrity at all. I think they think this is what they are entitled to. To them, going to a courthouse or federal or state building to collect benefits is the same as you and me trying to find a job. You and I look at it as though we have to provide for ourselves.

These people have been told that they don’t have a chance to provide for themselves because the deck is stacked against them, and even if they do happen to get a job it’s going to get not fair, they’re going to get fired and mistreated by ugly, unfortunate, mean-spirited bosses. So the government and the Democrat Party is there to make sure that the little guy, after getting stepped on by the system, at least gets his share. (interruption) Wait, Snerdley. (interruption) Now, you’re right, Snerdley. He said, ‘What little guy? These people made a lot of money and got great benefits.’ I’m talking attitude, Snerdley. You got to understand how these people have been raised, you have to understand how they hear their political leaders. They are victims! It doesn’t matter if they have $30,000 worth of benefits a year. If somebody has $31,000, they’re mad. It’s not fair.

If they earn 60 grand a year on their job and somebody in the neighborhood earns 70, it’s not fair. How do you think ‘tax hikes for the rich’ plays with these people? Oh, they love it. Get even with those people. Doesn’t improve their lives any, but, boy, it makes ’em feel better because they think somebody else is getting hurt, somebody else is in pain. I mean this is a grievance. Liberalism, leftism is a grievance existence. You live your life angry and upset, thinking you have been given the shaft from the moment you were conceived. Some people think they were given the shaft because they were born. It’s all an attitudinal thing. That’s why we’ve lost these people. Can you imagine me wading into that crowd and trying to talk with four or five of them and saying: ‘Where’s your sense of self-respect?

‘What do you mean coming down here and petitioning these lawmakers to raise my taxes? Why don’t you go and get a job that is self-satisfying, that’s sufficient, and that provides and give yourself a career?’ Do you think they would hear a word I said? Oh, they would take that as a giant insult. They won’t be receptive. We’ve lost these people. By design. This is the point of the creation of a welfare state even among the working. It’s all about an attitude; it’s all about a mentality. It’s all about rage and grievance and anger, rooted in a systemic unfairness. So when Obama runs around and says, ‘Our country has made mistakes,’ this bunch applauds. ‘Damn right they have! Screwing us, that’s how they made mistakes.’ Thank you for this, Snerdley, because now I don’t have to play the Joe Biden sound bites. I don’t want to play ’em and now I don’t have to.


RUSH: What is that last sound bite that we played? That teacher. No, we don’t need to play it again, we don’t play it again. I put it at the bottom of the stack. I don’t remember what number it was. When I use it, I toss it. And when I want to get back to it, I don’t know where it is. But anyway, here are these teachers: ‘Where’s our money? Give us our money! We want our cash! We want it now!’ The scary thing is these people are teaching students in Illinois. These are teachers. ‘Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!’ This is our Greece demonstration. This is the beginning of it, what’s happening in Greece. Snerdley still can’t get over it. He cannot believe that there are people who think this way. Why? I can’t, either.

Let me give you another example. Los Angeles Time, James Oliphant: ‘Why religion could affect Obama’s court nomination.’ Now, in this story, ‘Mark Scarberry, a law professor at Pepperdine University, said that having Protestant representation was key in a country where about half of Americans identify themselves in that manner.’

Now, I do not think this way. I do not have an identity mentality. When I’m thinking of a judge on a court, I don’t first say, ‘Well, what am I? I’m white, that I’m Protestant, I’m a Methodist! So I demand one of those.’ I don’t think that way. Do you, Snerdley? Well, Obama does. That’s why we had to get Sonia Sotomayor because she kills a couple birds with one stone in the identity politics, plus hardcore leftist. But I don’t think this way. You and I don’t, and this audience, we don’t. ‘Where’s our cash? We want it fast. Where’s our money?’ And they’re teaching your kids.


RUSH: Ray in Livermore, California. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, it’s great to have you. Thank you for the work you’re doing. You often say on your show that it takes six weeks to convert someone. Boy, I hate to correct you. I’ve got a family member who was forced to listen to your show for three days, and it corrected years and years of brainwashing and lies from the marching band media. He’s a great Rush listener now, he spreads the word. He was forced to use a friend’s car when his broke down and the radio station was set on KSFO and the knob was broken off so it couldn’t be changed. It took three days to convert him, Rush, and I thank you. In fact, can I give you the telephone number for my mom so you could talk to her for a couple hours? Maybe get her on board, too?

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something. It only took this guy three days?

CALLER: Three days, Rush.

RUSH: Three days. Why was he afraid to listen prior to the time he had no choice?

CALLER: Well, because he believed everything that he was being told, you know, he was just —

RUSH: The reason I ask is because we had a great blog post yesterday from some woman identifying herself as Bookworm. She said the reason liberals don’t listen to me is because they are scared to death I will change their minds. They think I have mystical Svengali-like powers, and they’re scared to death that I will upset their worldview. So they don’t want to take the chance of listening.

CALLER: I think that is very true, and that’s why I wanted you to talk to my mom, if you could just get a few minutes with her even, she’s from the same generation you’re from, and, you know, God bless her, she took her time to teach me how to think and not what to think, and now she can’t understand why I disagree with most of what she believes in.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And one other quick thing, Rush, going back to the first hour. Whenever the left or a statist accuses a Republican of doing something, a malfeasance, it’s typically because the left has been doing that, they are currently doing it, or they plan on doing it in the near future. And it’s some sort of preemptive attack, I believe.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s called projection. You can always gauge what the left is doing by just listening to what they accuse us of doing. By the way, I saw this picture of the teachers protest in Chicago. And from the photos I’ve seen, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of racial diversity in this group. I don’t know if the media will point that out, but folks, this is how you create a permanent underclass. And you think, ‘Rush, you’re talking about public school teachers.’ Yeah, we’re talking about public school teachers, Illinois, permanent underclass. It’s infuriating to Snerdley. It is to me, too, but it makes me more sad than anything else. Look at the worldview of these people. It’s so narrow. In order to stay alive they’ve gotta go protest at the State Capitol building. I mean, that’s pathetic.


RUSH: Hey, Snerdley? Snerdley, I’ve been giving these teachers in Illinois too much credit. They didn’t know where they were going. They just got on the buses and the union took ’em. They didn’t know they were going to the statehouse. They just were told what to do when they got there. I’m sorry. I gave them more credit than they deserve for self-reliance. They already got the money. It’s from Obama’s stash. They’re just trying to make sure that some of it doesn’t get cut.

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