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“How long will Obama’s speech be? Will it be an Obama one hour, a Hugo Chavez two hours, or a Fidel Castro three hours?”

“We have a president who is the exact opposite of the way he is portrayed. We have a president who has ambitions that are not being reported on. We have a president who was not vetted, and any attempt to be truthful about him is met with, ‘Oh, come on, don’t be paranoid!'”

“Obama is not ‘Reaganesque’. He’s Big Brotheresque!He’s Orwellian!And you all need to put a sign on your TV tonight while watching his speech: ‘He means the opposite of what he says.'”

“Frankly, I am not excited about Wall Street hanging over every syllable that comes out of Washington, but that’s where we are. Central Planning has taken over, and so the markets are responding to what is said by idiots.”

“I would love it if somebody tripped over the teleprompter cord tonight during Obama’s speech.”

“Somebody said, ‘You don’t sound like you’re ready to throw in the towel.’ I’m not. I have all the faith in the world in the American people to overcome the obstacles thrown in their way, because that’s our history.”

“We have been here before. You think it’s bad now? You should’ve seen what Republican conservatism was like in 1965 after Goldwater’s defeat. That was bad.”

“It took us decades to recover from Roosevelt, and it took us decades to recover from Johnson. Will it take us decades this time, and will we have the decades?”

“It’s time for entrepreneurs to go ahead and be entrepreneurial. It’s time for people to start accessing the opportunities that still do exist in this country. It is the people who have always made this country workwho willmake it work, because it’s the people who will eventually turn this tide.”

“I don’t understand why anybody gives two hoots in hell what Sean Penn says.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“A year ago everybody thought I was the one whacked out. I was the only one suggesting the era of Reagan wasn’t over, that conservatism is timeless, as is the Constitution.”

“I never thought I’d be doing this but I’m doing it. I’m actually watching the Winter Olympics. I haven’t watched the Winter Olympics in many, many moons.”

“I don’t know why the mogul people wear all the baggy clothing when every other skier wears some form-fitting, aerodynamically fitted suit.”

“Evan Bayh says, ‘The public’s business is just not getting done.’ Au contraire! The public’s business is getting done. The public, by wide margins, wants no part of the Obama agenda.”

“Do you realize why we don’t have any nuclear power in this country in the last 30 years? One movie: The China Syndrome.”

“There is nothing market driven about Obama’s spending, and that is the key. Every decision that Obama is making on spending is political. And when it’s political, it is for his and his party’s benefit.”

“Obama’s health care ‘reform’ is not about you. Health care is not about improving health care. It’s about improving the Democrat Party and helping the Democrat Party.”

“There are no rational business decisions being made because there’s nobody in the Obama administration who’s ever been in business in the private sector, not one!”

“RINO-type Republicans will go after conservatives like nothing you’ve ever seen, but they wouldn’t go after Democrats.”

“Weather may not be climate. But years of weather where there’s no warming is climate!”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“We’re on the cusp of a true new reformation, a new, real period of reform, not just words — and still some Republicans aren’t getting it.”

“Two unfunded wars and unpaid-for tax cuts are the reason we’re in an economic crisis today? What a fraud that argument is! But let’s say Obama really believes it. Is the solution to start spending like crazy, like he’s been doing?”

“I love the Saints, don’t misunderstand, but that game last night… that was not a championship team last night. It’s the 49ers, for crying out loud! They can’t even get their plays called on time!”

“Here’s another way of looking at Obama: Imagine yourself as an angry, selfish, arrogant, know-it-all teenager who’s protected and coddled at every turn, and you fail at everything you try in real life, but then you blame it on everybody but yourself.”

“Essentially, the Tea Party message — or the conservative message — is, invest in yourself. You’re the best thing you got going. You, whoever you are.”

“Ahmadinejad threatened a war without borders in his speech at the UN. Now, maybe Obama’s looking at this and saying, ‘Hey, Ahmadinejad’s reaching out to me! I don’t believe in borders, either!'”

“There’s nothing better in south Philly that Nick’s Roast Beef. Yes.”

“People are coming to the Republican Party because of a cause, not because of the party. I fact, the party right now is not doing anything to attract people. The biggest selling point it has is that it’s not the Democrat Party.”

“The pathway to a show on CNN is to have an ongoing relationship with a prostitute. Then you become Client No. 9, a national joke, sex with your socks on, everybody learns about it, and who snaps you up, but CNN.”

“You know, if there’s ever somebody that was wrongly named, it’s Joy Behar.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“Obama’s going to call fora budget freeze tonight? Well, well. The guy who spent us into never-never land, calling for a budget freeze. Isn’t that nice.”

“If there is a common enemy in Washington among those who will sit together tonight, it is the Tea Party. Want me to say that again a little louder? If there is a common enemy in Washington among those who will sit together tonight, it is the Tea Party.”

“I think the real concern here is people committing Frumicide. Frumicide is the conservative movement killing itself.”

“When’s the last time I was ever applauded for my courage in sticking to my guns? It doesn’t happen. What, Snerdley? I can’t say ‘stick to my guns’? Yeah, I guess not. I guess I should do a John King of CNN and apologize for that.”

“Carol Browner is leaving; she’s out as Obama’s climate czar. How is the planet going to survive this? Did Browner not take this into account? Why is she so selfish?”

“I would submit, folks — and I’m being serious about this — that I’ve probably done more to bring Americans together over the last 20 plus years than Obama has. I mean, Obama has come to divide, and he succeeded.”

“I have an idea for the Republicans. Since everybody wants to wear a ribbon, they should wear a red sash to highlight how the federal budget’s in the red. A sash — now, that would be gutsy.”

“Paul Ryan is, no doubt, an upcoming star. He’s truly is brilliant, particularly on the budget and spending items. I hope he’s able to be heard.”

“Right after Obama was inaugurated, the Republicans were willing to sell out; the era of Reagan was over. That was the attitude, and they ended up being saved by a movement not of their making, the Tea Party: average American citizens who were looking at what the regime was doingand whorefused to put up with it.”

“I wonder if Eric Cantor will buy Nancy Pelosi a corsage?”

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